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TRIDTransformers Robots in Disguise
TRIDTransaction Identifier
TRIDTrident Display
TRIDTransportation Research Information Database (Transportation Research Board)
TRIDTransit Revitalization Investment District (Pennsylvania)
TRIDTrade and Regional Integration Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
TRIDTranslational Research in Infectious Diseases (Canada)
TRIDTechnology Requirements Integration Division (US DoD)
TRIDTraining Requirement Identification Display
TRIDTraining Range and Instrumentation Development (US DoD)
TRIDTILA (Truth in Lending Act) RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act) Integrated Disclosure (finance)
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Use an alternate account or transaction identifier for business processes that requires the primary account number to be utilized after authorization, such as processing of recurring payments, customer loyalty programs or fraud management.
CESR added that transaction identifiers should be used to help identify cancelled or amended trades and to facilitate data consolidation.
And in a refreshing move away from arcane screen names and transaction identifiers, for reporting Knoah EPM 5.
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