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TLOGThe League of Gentlemen (UK TV show)
TLOGTheater Logistics
TLOGTransaction Log
TLOGTemperature Logger
TLOGTransportation and Logistics
TLOGTravel Log
TLOGTraining Log (health & fitness)
TLOGThe League of Gentlemen (UK fantasy football league)
TLOGTechnical Log (oil industry)
TLOGThe Last Of Gracie (Lima, OH band)
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Default Transaction Log Behavior Compared to Delayed Durability
The CITL was connected to the United Nations' International Transaction Log at the end of 2008, linking the UN's Clean Development Mechanism with the EU ETS.
However, that is not the case with transaction log.
Successes and failures of patrons searching the online catalog at a large academic library: A transaction log analysis.
Increased support for large-scale Oracle database systems including optimizations for transaction log reading that improve mirroring speed and performance; data load improvements; advanced control over replication commitment.
ApexSQL Recover audits transaction log files and backups to grid and creates rollback or replay scripts for DML and DDML changes.
The low impact, warm standby solution uses database replication software for high-speed transaction log replication that enables real-time failover to a secondary site and failback to the primary site when operation is restored.
Some fraudulent transactions were carried out, but the security of the Community registry and the independent transaction log has not been compromised.
The information is then stored in a secure content repository and can be played back in sequence to provide a visual transaction log and audit trail of each e-business transaction.
Transaction log analyses are used with the Perseus WWW logs to determine gross interaction patterns today (e.
I had downloaded the ApexSQL Log tool for a very specific need that I had to quickly find some information from a transaction log backup - and it worked Great
The interconnection of the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL) and the UN International Transaction Log (ITL) took effect from 16 October.
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