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The Riccati transfer matrix method, Journal of Mechanical Design 100(2): 297-302.
Thus, every bearing moment and other mechanical boundary conditions should be calculated firstly by using transfer matrix method.
2] can be calculated by using the transfer matrix method [20] and the reflection coefficient r is expressed as
The relationship among the fields in all regions can easily be obtained by using transfer matrix method [40, 41] which is used to obtain reflection and transmission coefficients as:
The bars system is divided in cycles and the transfer matrix method is applied for each cycle.
1,5], were determined by the transfer matrix method described in the above paragraphs.
The paper derived the exact general solution of one-step nonuniform beam firstly and then obtained the exact solution of multistep nonuniform beam by combining the transfer matrix method and exact solutions of one-step beam.
A better and faster solution is to find an analytical solution with the Transmission Line Transfer Matrix Method (TLTMM).
Thus, wherever real part of input impedance is zero, transfer matrix method and band structure confirm these regions as PBG precisely.
For the acoustic structure investigated by us, the transfer matrix method and the annealing algorithm, permitted to found a 6 layers structure as an optimum arrangement in order to reduce the noises in a car silencer.
Sankar, "On the torsional vibration of branched systems using extended transfer matrix method," Journal of Mechanical Design, vol.
The transmission efficiency of the proposed structure in the 1-100 GHz frequency range is investigated by the transfer matrix method [18] based on the electromagnetic theory.