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TFRTotal Fertility Rate
TFRTrattamento di Fine Rapporto (Italian labor legislation)
TFRTransnet Freight Rail (South Africa)
TFRTreatment-Free Remission (diseases)
TFRTransferrin Receptor
TFRTray Flame-Retardant (product feature)
TFRThrift Financial Report
TFRTemporary Flight Restriction
TFRTarif Forfaitaire de Responsabilité (French: Flat Rate of Liability; insurance)
TFRTerrain Following Radar
TFRTraffic Film Remover (UK car wash product)
TFRTraining for Results (various locations)
TFRThanks for Reading
TFRTransferor (IRB)
TFRTotal Fluid Requirement (healthcare)
TFRTransformée de Fourier Rapide (French: Fast Fourier Transform)
TFRThin-Film Resistor
TFRTransfer Restricted (SS7)
TFRTotal Fixed Remuneration (salary calculation)
TFRTijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht (Dutch: Journal of Tax Law; Belgium)
TFRTampered Failure Rate
TFRTrust Fund Recovery
TFRTraitement de Fin de Rapport (French: Treatment End Report)
TFRTotal Force Readiness (US DoD)
TFRTrouble & Failure Report
TFRTrouble Failure Report
TFRTotal Flight Restriction
TFRTime From Receipt
TFRTime Frequency Reference
TFRTexas Fly Report (fishing)
TFRTask Force Rijeka
TFRTrinomial Failure Rate
TFRToo Flaming Right (polite form)
TFRTotal Final Report
TFRTraining Fee Revenue
TFRTeam Flex Racing
TFRTransparent Failure Recovery
TFRTableau de Formation de Résultats (French: Table Training Results)
TFRTransmit Frame Reference
TFRTechnical Field Report
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X, [section] 4 ("transfer restricted homestead"); (54) thus, any of the other co-owners who do not reside on the property are free to dispose of their property as they see fit.
* Devise and Descent, Tenants by the Entirety--The rules regarding devise and descent of transfer restricted homestead property do not apply to property owned as tenants by the entirety.
* Devise and Descent, Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship--The rules regarding devise and descent do not apply to transfer restricted homestead owned as joint tenants with right of survivorship, because, similar to property owned as tenants by the entirety, at death the property passes automatically to the other joint owners.
* Devise and Descent, Tenants in Common--When property is owned as tenants in common, the constitutional and statutory rules of devise and descent apply to transfer restricted homestead.
In Letter Ruling 9104039,(21) the employer's board of directors voted to transfer restricted stock to certain employees and to gross up the employees through a bonus for the taxes payable if the employees made Sec.
In March 1990, a company offered to transfer restricted stock to each of its employees and to pay cash bonuses sufficient to cover the taxes for each employee who would make a timely section 83(b) election.