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In order to curb the practice of declaring unaccounted income as exempt long term capital gain by entering into sham transactions, the Finance Act, 2017 amended the provisions of section 10 (38) of the Act to provide that exemption under this section for income arising on transfer of equity share acquired or on after 1st day of October, 2004 shall be available only if the acquisition of share is chargeable to STT.
The firm deals with the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property; she can also offer advice on the legal aspect of remortgages, transfer of equity, and land/ property advice relating to boundaries.
IF you are planning to give or sell all or part of a property you own to one of your children, a partner or anyone else, you will need a formal document - a transfer of equity.
The agreement and transfer of equity will be complete once all of the relevant Chinese government agencies provide final approval.
Caroline has dealt with sales, purchases, remortgages, new builds and transfer of equity.
If the property is in your mother's sole name and there is no existing mortgage then you simply need to enter into a transfer of equity.
Thus, because the FRA only permits the Board to demand consideration in the form of interest rates, the Board did not have implied authority to demand the transfer of equity as consideration for the loan to AIG," he said.
It is not known whether a transfer of equity is involved in the deal.
KRL's Managing Director, Mark O'Keefe said: "We are pleased to have completed the transfer of equity for the six companies thus far.
According to China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), a Chinese holding company (CHC) is allowed to reinvest in its Chinese subsidiaries and increase its own registered capital using renminbi profits, proceeds from capital reduction, liquidation and divestment, transfer of equity interests and return on investment as well as income received from other means.
Reverse mortgages are a transfer of equity into the pockets of the originators.
A The arrangement can be legally effected by a transfer of equity, but unless you are going to remortgage the property with a different lender you would need to ensure that your current lender is agreeable.
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