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TORTerms Of Reference
TORThe Old Republic (Star Wars video game)
TORType of Relationship (Internet routing)
TORTransfer of Residence
TORToronto, Canada
TORTop of Rack (various companies)
TORTorsion (mathematics)
TORThe Onion Router
TORTop of Riser
TORTotal Operating Revenue
TORTarget of Rapamycin
TORTema Oil Refinery
TORTornado Warning (Emergency Alert System Code)
TORTrusted Operating Root
TORTeleprinting over Radio
TORThird Order Regular (Roman Catholic religious order)
TORTales of Rebirth (video games)
TORTime of Release
TORTime Of Receipt
TORTout Ou Rien (French: all or nothing; automatism)
TORTransfer of Responsibility
TORTranscript of Records
TORTop of Rail (railways)
TORTelex Over Radio
TORTropospheric Ozone Research
TORTask Order Request
TORTennessee Off-Road (Lebanon, TN)
TORTerminal Owning Region
TORTransport of Rockland
TORThird Order Regular of St. Francis (religious order)
TORTurn of River (school in Stamford, CT)
TORTime Off Request
TORTechnical Operating Report
TORTransition-Oriented Routing
TORTime of Report
TORTenth of Ramadan (City, Egypt)
TORTime of Reference
TORTime On Risk
TORTurn on Rate
TORTactical Operations Room
TORTechnical Oversight Representative
TORTechnical Override
TORTechnical Officer's Representative (US government)
TORTravel Order Request
TORTPOCC Operations Room
TORTechnical Onsite Representative
TORTactical Operational Requirement
TORTest Observation Report
TORTransmission Output Retarder
TORTentative/Tactical Operational Requirement
TORTeletype Orderwire Replacement
TORTime-out Reversal (electronic transaction processing)
TORTrouble Observation Report (US Navy)
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The Ofsted report was the first official inspection to be carried out following the transfer of responsibility for children's care from the adults and communities directorate to the children, young people and families directorate - a move likely to be criticised by the Clark inquiry, which is expected to say that senior officials with expert knowledge of children's social services were sidelined.
The transfer of responsibility from the police to a civilian contractor was one of the recommendations of the recently published Criminal Justice Review, which is part of the Good Friday Agreement.
The phased transfer of responsibility for worldwide payments began in April and is now nearing completion.
1) As a result of this transfer of responsibility, the downstream provider (i.
until July 1, the new man said: "There will be a seamless transfer of responsibility.
Instead of just good music, devaluation--or, the "new federalism"--now also stands for the transfer of responsibility from federal to state and local governments.
The Depression that enabled FDR to complete the transfer of responsibility for public assistance-and thus the principal authority to commandeer and allocate the revenues to finance it-to Washington scuffled and sank local, county, and state political organizations that failed to please those in charge in Washington.
Writing of operating files, Preparation and installation of complex application patches, Transfer of responsibility to the operator on integrated applications - administration of development environments - administration of integration environments (backup management, Moe technical support, Creation of environments, Decommissioning of environments) - realization / use of tools specific to integration.
They also analyze the current legal and policy framework for responding to refugees, arguing that the transfer of responsibility from the states to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and various non-governmental organizations allows the states to abdicate their legal responsibilities.
Education Minister Jane Davidson told AMs that negotiations were continuing for the transfer of responsibility for student support to Wales.
A SEAMLESS transfer of responsibility," was how Chairman of Celtic plc Frank O'Callaghan saw it.
The subject of the tender is therefore physical delivery of electricity to the consumption points candidates to assume the obligation to draw electricity from the power system, including the transfer of responsibility for deviation suppliers under the Energy Act and in accordance with Decree of the Energy Regulatory Office no.
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