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TCPITransforming Clinical Practice Initiative (support network)
TCPITax Council Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
TCPITo Complete Performance Index
TCPITechnical Chemicals and Products, Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
TCPIThe Construction Partnership, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
TCPIToshiba Consumer Products Indonesia
TCPIToiletries and Cosmetics Purchasing Index
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today announced the recipients of the second round of the Support and Alignment Networks under the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).
Colorado has been awarded funding to carry out a state-wide initiative, Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).
The CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is a great opportunity to get that extra set of skilled hands you need to help meet new quality mandates and make your office more efficient and enjoyable for you, your staff, and your patients.
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