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This is an extra argument for seeing the Transhumanist Extropian philosophy of life as a new form of personal development processes--a superior form in which technology is not only a means, but also a tool that drives human nature to physical, intellectual, moral and psychological excellence--that is, for the beginning, to an intermediary, transhuman condition, and then to the posthumous state.
Ikemoto, Race to Health: Racialized Discourses in a Transhuman World,9 DEPAUL J.
In addition, the event clearly hints again at Andrew's possible condition as a computing machine and to the passage as a mise-en-abyme that points to his artificial condition and his efforts to change into a superior transhuman consciousness.
Another argument holds that transhuman technologies will simply let the rich get richer.
Through the conscience of the human person, a transhuman agent per-sonat--which literally means, 'is sounding through '.
What is at stake philosophically, ideologically, and aesthetically in distinguishing between "transhuman" and "posthuman"?
(37) Singularity will make possible the transition from transhuman to posthuman.
At the heart of the transhuman conversation, however, lies the oldest question of all--what does it mean to be human?
Reading the transhuman poetry of Sakutaro Hagiwara ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] 1886-1942) in light of Badiou, one finds examples of how poetry presents human and nonhuman intra-action in ways that in effect question modernity.
Transhuman activists might find it a little facile and disorganized.
I imagine being part of a "we" that's not so much "post-human" as transhuman: we are language animals in the wet heat of thinking electric blood, living in linked conditions.
Man and machine have become almost indistinguishable, and we have become transhuman.