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TVSThe Vitamin Shoppe (various locations)
TVSTransient Voltage Suppressor
TVSTextilverband Schweiz
TVSTree View Style
TVSToshiba Virtual Sound
TVSTelevision Saitama Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TVSTriangular Voltage Sweep (semiconductors)
TVSTunnel Ventilation Shaft (rapid transit systems)
TVSTV Virtual Surround
TVSTelevision South (UK; 1982-1992)
TVSTornado Vortex Signature (doppler radar)
TVSTotal Volatile Solids
TVSThe Vegan Society
TVSTriangle Vegetarian Society (Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina, USA)
TVSThermal Vacuum Switch (automotive)
TVSTopological Vector Space
TVSTV Sundram Iyengar (motor company, India)
TVSTelevision Sensor
TVSTechnology Value Solutions
TVSTransportable Vitrification System
TVSTravel Voucher Summary
TVSThermal Vacuum Stability
TVSTelevision Specializing
TVSTransaction Verification System
TVSTrans Vaginal Sonogram (Ob/Gyn)
TVSTime-Varying Setpoint
TVSTarget Video Stream
TVSTachograph Vehicle Speed
TVSTactical Voice Switch
TVSTriaxial Vibration Sensor (Space Shuttle)
TVSTransparent Voice Signaling
TVSTowed Vehicle System
TVSTelecommunications Video System (Bridgewater State College; Bridgewater, MA)
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Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of two Integrated Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) Diode solutions from ProTek Devices, designed to protect DC power lines and Ethernet lines against surge events such as switching and lightning.
Rectron is an international manufacturer of power rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, switching diodes, Zener diodes, ESD diodes, signal transistors, transient voltage suppressors, Schottky, high voltage diodes and recovery diodes.
The company offers a product line of overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection components, which include transient voltage suppressors (TVS arrays), avalanche breakdown diodes, steering diode TVS arrays, PPTC devices, and electronics SMD chip fuses.
The tool uses STs TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) SmartSelector to choose suitable protection components, whether the application is digital, analog, automotive, or power.
The CMNTVS12V 12-V Transient Voltage Suppressor (from Central Semiconductor) can handle up to 18 W of peak power and an ESD voltage of 8 kV.
Tenders are invited for Diode, Transient Voltage Suppressor
Northvale, NJ, May 19, 2016 --( The Vishay Semiconductor's Surface-Mount PAR[R] Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS), a Vishay Super 12 Featured Product for 2016, is now available through New Yorker Electronics.
The device provides a selectable driver current (50mA to 250mA), supports supply voltages from 24V to 60V, and includes a micro transient voltage suppressor (TVS) that increases voltage tolerance to provide transient voltage protection.
Combining stacked capacitors and multilayer varistors, AVX's CapGuard transient voltage suppressor (TVS) demonstrates broadband off-state EMI filtering and bi-directional transient clamping.
SP050x surface-mount transient voltage suppressor avalanche diode arrays are specifically designed to protect analog and digital signal lines from ESD transients.
A transient voltage suppressor (TVS), such as the RClamp2504N diode array, offers a 4 V clamping voltae (Vc) for a peak pulse current (Ipp) of 1 A.
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