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TFORTransition Force (UN Peacekeeping)
TFORThe Fall of Reach (book)
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BT is also the founding partner of Transition Force, a programme of activities dedicated to supporting former and serving Armed Forces personnel, including those wounded, injured and sick, in their transition to civilian employment.
By mid-2006, Colonel Hansen had developed a plan for the Air Corps that became the basis for the Combined Air Power Transition Force (CAPTF) that began work the following year.
"We're still on track and we are going to be able to accomplish the mission of reaching the transition force levels as we wanted to," he told reporters traveling with Gates, who arrived in Baghdad after a three-day visit to Afghanistan.
Provided the situation at that time is "peaceful", Odierno said, the United States would then draw down to a 50,000-member transition force. That force would train and equip Iraqi forces, and protect provincial reconstruction teams, international projects and diplomatic staff.
Garrett, deputy to the Commanding General of the Combined Airpower Transition Force.
transition force of 35,000 to 50,000 personnel will continue to support Iraq.
* How large of a residual transition force, between roughly 35,000 and 50,000 troops, to leave in Iraq after August 31, 2010.
troops out by end of 2008, leaving New American behind a 60,000-strong transition force for five Security years to fight terrorists, train Iraqis, and (Middle) prevent regional war and genocide.
Today's force--while capable and flexible, and possessing unmatched speed, range, and precision--is a transition force. Our legacy aircraft and satellite systems were built with specialized roles and for a threat that has long since disappeared.
"( They will penetrate notional enemy beach defenses, establish a beach head and rapidly transition forces and sustainment ashore," the U.S.
He vowed not to abandon Afghanistan as foreign nations plan to transition forces out of the country after a decade of conflict.
Transition forces us to distinguish essentials from historically conditioned models of ministry.
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