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He works with Stratos clients to plan and prepare for the transition to production in addition to identifying and mitigating manufacturing risk throughout the development process.
ServiceFirst Capabilities 24/7 Monitoring of Servers x Asset/Inventory Reporting x Dashboard x Reporting x Email Spam/Virus Scanning x Backup Monitoring x Remote Access Configuration x Patch Management x Network Device Management x Remote Troubleshooting & Fix x Baseline Assessment x Transition to Production x Network Documentation x Managed Firewall Services x On Call Advice and Guidance x Blackberry and PDA Support Optional Service Desk Support x Hosted Exchange Services Optional Backup and Restore Services Optional Trouble Ticketing Portal x
Manufacturing systems has proven difficult, particularly as programs transition to production. In December 2008, the Department of Defense (DOD) issued an updated version of its acquisition policy that reflects earlier consideration of manufacturing risks.
For the OEM, a smooth transition to production means key market demands such as time-to-market, quality, reliability, product delivery and critical time-to-revenue are met.
These parameters smooth the transition to production. As a matter of fact, we also assembled the pre-production pilot runoff as the production supplier geared up his tooling and equipment, thus verifying the assembly process.
"We're in transition to production for ATIRCM right now," Ager said, adding that he expects a production contract for the ATIRCM system in early 2003.
He initiated several changes in the format of the Review, oversaw the transition to production of the OHR at the University of California Press, established occasional series, and maintained the high standards that have become characteristic of this publication.
When the development stage is complete and a prototype has been shown to work across participant organization lab facilities, the EAG will hand over leadership of the capability represented by that work package to the Business Delivery Group, which (like the EAG) is multi-disciplinary and is formed specifically to take a single capability through the transition to production stage.
In the rapid transition to production, we allocated neither the time nor funding to plan for efficient production.
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