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2) A traves del analisis del prologo y del epilogo del Isopet, coleccion de fabulas esopicas traducidas del latin al ingles por el rey Alfredo, y de alli al frances por Maria de Francia, Folena (1991: 14-21) demuestra la profusion terminologica referida a la traduccion: escrivre designa la composicion original, translater o turner se refieren al traspaso del griego al latin y translater del latin al ingles; faire la rime y rimer en franceis, traitier en romanz y de l'engleis en romanz traire se utilizan para el traspaso a la lengua romance.
It does not take a skilled translater to figure out what Ben Gurion was saying, namely that Kennedy's opposition to nuclear weapons in the Middle East was seen as an existential threat to the Jewish people and their newly-formed state.
Through our translater we learned Sacha had endured nine operations on his legs and that a further two are required.