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High-scoring agencies use the agency head's transmittal letter as an opportunity to address the general public, rather than as a recitation of the perfunctory legalisms that must be covered.
Policy transmittal letters from brokers to their clients often contain "boilerplate" language, the purpose of which is quite evident: Reduce E&O claims!
Transmittal letters should clearly indicate the capacity in which the identified financial statements were prepared when an individual is a CPA.
There is no prohibition against an entity signing a transmittal letter or the final page of a report.
The transmittal letter accompanying the distribution of this book provides an excellent summary: "This mini-casebook seeks to provide perspective on the way American insurance regulation is structured.
What should be done with the transmittal letter? An entity-wide cash flow statement Whether or not to require will not be required.
The exposure draft does provide for an optional transmittal letter which would be limited to (a) identification of the financial statements enclosed, (b) reference to the fact that they are for internal use only with reference to the engagement letter and (c) comments of a business advisory nature.
The transmittal letter included with the revised manual indicate that the methodologies cable to years currently under examination.
This is the so-called jet-fuel supply problem identified by Treasury Secretary Bentsen in his transmittal letter to Representative Rostenkowski and Senator Moynihan.
* President Clinton's Transmittal Letter to Congress
Includes a complimentary copy of President Clinton's transmittal letter to the Congress.
Communication errors, on the other hand, include such mistakes as misspelling a client's name or misaddressing a client; inconsistencies in the value conclusion between the Transmittal Letter and the Reconciliation section; and misleading or missing photographs and exhibits.