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Figure 4 shows the basic representation of a FBMC-OQAM transmultiplexer. The main blocks are the OQAM preprocessing or modulator block, the synthesis filter bank, the analysis filter bank, and OQAM postprocessing or demodulator.
The structure of a GFDM-OQAM transmultiplexer is similar to that of the FBMC-OQAM transmultiplexer shown in Figure 4.
Caption: Figure 4: Basic representation of a FBMC-OQAM transmultiplexer. This scheme shows the basic idea behind FBMC- OQAM, where each symbol of each subchannel is modulated as OQAM, multiplied by its corresponding subcarrier, and filtered by the prototype filter.
The fundamental parts of the FBMC/OQAM system are the synthesis filter bank (SFB) at the transmitter and the analysis filter bank (AFB) at the receiver, arranged in the so-called transmultiplexer (TMUX) configuration as shown in Figures 1 and 2.
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Transmultiplexers using maximally decimated filter banks with perfect /near-perfect reconstruction (PR/NPR) property, known as discrete wavelet multi-tone (DWMT), are the most desirable candidate for this application [5] as shown in the Fig.
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