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TRANSPACNorth Pacific Ocean Monitoring for Climate Research Program
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The expedition, an initiative of The Ocean Cleanup, is supported by the world-famous Transpac sailing race, which is assisting in the recruitment of vessels.
Every transpac brief covers, or should cover, the twin dangers of tanking and get-home-it is.
Unlike the Transpac, business races have no finish line.
Definitely, one of the reasons I'm back is to regain the record," said Disney, who will be skippering a 21-man crew on the Pyewacket -- he has rented it back from Orange Coast College and lengthened it from 86 feet to 94 -- in the Transpac that will commence July 15.
Patrick Puges, vice-president, Technical Design and Engineering, Transpac, said, "We have an important investment in our existing Frame Relay and multi-service corporate networks, which are built around Nortel Networks' Passport switches, interconnecting at speeds of STM-1.
The Court of Federal Claims has since adopted the Tax Court's reasoning under similar facts; see Transpac Drilling Venture 1983-2 (1995) (holding that "the applicable statutory provisions and regulations do not explicitly provide for agency-based limitations on the TMP's power"), aff'd on other grounds, 83 F3d 1410 (Fed.
France Telecom's Transpac has acquired an interest in VAN operators in the United Kingdom and Germany, also to provide data services to multinational customers.
400 standards: GE, Western Union, Infonet, Dacom Korea, OTC Australia, Swiss PTT, Transpac France, and Telecom Australia.
Heinz Company (NYSE:HNZ) announced today that it has made an early earn-out payment of $60 million to Transpac Industrial Holdings Ltd.
Bob Oatley's Wild Oats XI, likely along with Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 100 will compete in the Transpac 2015 race from Los Angeles to Honolulu.
About Mokulele Airlines Mokulele Airlines, flying the skies of Hawaii since 1994, was purchased by TransPac Aviation, Inc.