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TRANS OPSTransportation Operations
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Schneider Electric, in partnership with NYSDOT and all other stakeholders, is providing the right people, with world-class transportation operations expertise to keep the New York metro area transportation systems efficient, safe and sustainable.
The algorithms are first validated on a small scale at the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory and then taken to the highway for real-world testing.
Don Gilbreath, who had been director of transportation logistics, has been named vice president of transportation logistics, with oversight of all transportation operations and the BGC distribution center in Monroe, Texas, as well as warehouse facility and equipment maintenance.
Observing the progression of the Iraqis in their transportation operations and tactical logistics knowledge and abilities because of the team's input and training simply validates their mission on a daily basis, Johnson said.
Agency : Department of Transportation s (VDOT) transportation operation centers
This year's scheduled topics--including optimization of traffic signal systems, innovative financing, and work zone strategies for reducing congestion--reflect current industry issues and were chosen based on input from the transportation operations community.
GASCO found that the Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks meet the needs and ensure the best performance for gas transportation operations, which require high-capability trucks in terms of performance, security and safety.
Our goal is to consolidate the arms, ammunition and explosives transportation operations, carrier oversight and emergency response missions under a single DOD focal point," Blondin said.
To increase awareness and promote a dialogue on transportation management and operations among State, local, and regional stakeholders, FHWA collaborated with a number of national associations to create the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC).
Also needed at the port are those with Worldwide Port System and Electronic Transportation Acquisition/ Global Freight Management experience," said Rose Ann Alderete, transportation operations specialist for the 842nd.
The concept for the roadway operations self-assessment originated with the National Dialogue on Transportation Operations, a joint effort of FHWA and a core group of government and transportation industry associations that are working together to raise awareness of the value of effective transportation operations.
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