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TVMTrivandrum (Kerala, India)
TVMTime Value of Money (business, finance, economics)
TVMTotal Value Management
TVMTicket Vending Machine
TVMTechno Venture Management (various locations)
TVMTrack Via Missile
TVMTiruvannamalai (India)
TVMTelevision Maldives
TVMThanks Very Much (logging abbreviation)
TVMTa Very Much
TVMTV Market
TVMTransmission Voie Machine (French: cab signalling system for high speed trains)
TVMTeam Vodka Martini
TVMTrainer in Value Management (UK)
TVMTeam Value Management
TVMTransverse Mercator
TVMTracteurs, Voitures, Motos des Années 1900 (French: Tractors, Cars, Bikes for Years 1900)
TVMTijdschrift voor Multimedia (Dutch: Journal for Multimedia)
TVMTelevision Malawi
TVMThreat and Vulnerability Management
TVMTransport Verzekerings Maatschappij (Dutch: Transportation Insurance Company)
TVMTrevorvanmeter (Flash website)
TVMTeneur en Viande Maigre (French: Lean Meat Content)
TVMTotal Variation Minimization (imaging)
TVMTransistor Voltmeter
TVMTest Verification Matrix
TVMTrivector Meter (power measurement device)
TVMTimetable Vending Machine
TVMTeleviziune Moldova (Moldovan Television)
TVMTachometer Voltmeter
TVMTraffic Volume Measurements
TVMTank Volume Measurement
TVMTest Vending Machine
TVMTactical Video Mapping
TVMTaiwan Video and Monitor Corporation
TVMTransparent VAS Mode
TVMTransaction Verification Module (Cadence)
TVMTarget Via Missile
TVMTarapur Vidya Mandir (Indian private school)
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Thus, the Universal Transverse Mercator system is not a single map projection but a series of map projections, one for each of sixty 6-degree bands of longitude--excluding the polar regions (which are covered by the Military Grid Reference maps).
An alternative coordinate method is Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).
Keith, of course, knew all about the Transverse Mercator projection, about Sir John Davidson, the Line of Zero Convergence and why two degrees west is the only line of longitude shown on the maps of the Ordnance Survey.
For each site, the following information is provided: site number and name (if identifiable); map reference and field number; Palestinian Grid and Universal Transverse Mercator Grid coordinates; descriptions of visible archaeological features; summary of previous information about the site; and finally, a report and analysis of the findings of the present survey.
For states with a shape greater in the North-South direction, the transverse Mercator projection was developed.
A transverse Mercator projection was consequently adopted for recording borehole collar positions.
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