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TIPSTerrorism Information and Prevention System (Operation TIPS; operated by U.S. Department of Justice)
TIPSTreasury Inflation-Protected Securities (financial term)
TIPSTransjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (also seen as TIPSS)
TIPSTraining in Interpersonal Skills
TIPSTrends in Pharmacological Sciences (journal)
TIPSTruevision Image Paint System
TIPSTarif Interministeriel des Prestations Sanitaires (French: Interministerial Price of Sanitary Services)
TIPSTransatlantic Industrial Proposed Solution (NATO)
TIPSTheory of Inventive Problem Solving
TIPSTax Information Phone Service (Canada)
TIPSTeens In Public Service (Seattle, WA)
TIPSTeachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork
TIPSTechnology in Primary Schools
TIPSTraining for Intervention Procedures by Servers of Alcohol (restaurants/bars alcohol abuse prevention)
TIPSThermoEnergy Integrated Power System
TIPSTennessee Infant Parent Services (Memphis, TN)
TIPSThe International Preparatory School (Cleveland, OH)
TIPSTeaching Improvement Project System
TIPSTorrens Island Power Station (South Australia)
TIPSTurkish Institute for Police Studies (Denton, TX)
TIPSTobacco Information and Prevention Sourcepage (US CDC)
TIPSTechnical Information Processing System
TIPSThreat Image Projection System (aviation security)
TIPSTemporary Interior Protection System
TIPSTransportation Incentive Program System
TIPSTactical Optical Surveillance System (TOSS) Imagery Processing System (US DoD)
TIPSTennessee Improving Patient Safety
TIPSTrends, Issues, and Problems
TIPSThinking Inquiry and Problem Solving (Ontario secondary school curriculum)
TIPSThreatened Indigenous Peoples Society (India)
TIPSThermal Impulse Printer System
TIPSTAF Interactive Production System (EUMETNET)
TIPSTelemetry Integrated Processing System (Western Spacelift Range)
TIPSThermal Image Processing System (mobile infrared data collection and analysis facility)
TIPSTAVOP (Total Asset Visibility Operational Prototype) Intransit Processing Station
TIPSText Information Processing System
TIPSTactical Information Processing System
TIPSTactical Intelligence Processing System
TIPSTransportation Improvement Program System
TIPSTelephone Information Processing System
TIPSTo Insure Proper Services
TIPSTheater Integrated Planning System
TIPSTactical Infrared Projection System
TIPSThought Information Plan Solution (solving math problems)
TIPSTactical Intelligence Programming System
TIPSTelescope and Instrument Performance Summary Meeting
TIPSTummy Time, Infant equipment, Positioning, Start day one (preventing flat head in infants)
TIPSTraffic Information Planning System (Illinois State Police for Radio Codes; Incident Disposition)
TIPSTactical Intelligence Product Server (ASAS)
TIPSTactical Imagery Processing Subsystem
TIPSTactical Imagery Processing Set
TIPSTechnology, Intelligence, Products, Services
TIPSTransportation Information Processing System
TIPSTalk, Inform, Predictable, Sensitivity (mnemonic for leadership traits)
TIPSTyphoon Information Processing System
TIPSTruvision Image Processing Software
TIPSTourist Information Phone Service
TIPSTaxpayer Information Publications Service
TIPSTransferable Intermolecular Potential Function(s)
TIPSTelephone Information Professional Services (Peter Pan Bus Lines)
TIPSTransition Issues and Procedures
TIPSTelecommunications Information Processing System
TIPSTraining Information Planning Support
TIPSTelemetry Information Processing System
TIPSTailored Implementation & Planning Service
TIPSTraining Information Profile Status
TIPSTAV (Total Asset Visibility) ITV (Intransit Visibility) Processing Station
TIPSTort and Trial Insurance Practice Section (law)
TIPSTargeted Invasive Plant Solutions (British Columbia, Canada)
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In that spirit, I'd like to mention a one-page article in this month's SURVEY that looks at recent fluctuations in Federal interest payments and explains how these fluctuations stem largely from Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), which have become more popular recently.
Another unique group of securities issued by the United States Treasury are Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities, often called Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS.
Bankers say there is growing interest in emerging markets equity and debt instruments and US Treasury inflation-protected securities. The FT quoted a London fund manager as saying: "Now that they have more money, they're doing more than the traditional thing of US and European equities".
Some boomers may decide to cope by investing in ordinary diversified portfolios, while others might prefer to add extra allocations of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities and health sector investments, in the hope that rising health sector investment values will offset rising health care costs.
It now has nine variable-annuity investment options, including a TIAA option that owns real estate outright and one of the first Treasury inflation-protected securities funds, which came on the scene in 1997.
a) Reduce exposure to bonds, particularly longer-term bonds (excluding inflation-protected securities such as treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS).
Keywords: Real return; Inflation-adjusted; Portfolio management; TIPS (for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities); Indexation
(1.) TIIS sometimes are referred to as TIPS, which stands for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. The Treasury and the Federal Reserve typically use the TIIS acronym, so this article follows that convention.
The most popular option are Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), which help protect against unexpected inflation because their interest payments reflect the stated fixed interest plus the inflation amount as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
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