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TOVTen Opzichte Van (Dutch: with regard to)
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TOVTransfer of Value
TOVTriple Offset Valve
TOVTomatoes on the Vine
TOVTone of Voice (linguistics, branding)
TOVTreaty of Versailles (treaty ending WWI)
TOVTotal Observed Volume (measurement)
TOVTransit of Venus
TOVTemporary Overvoltage
TOVTotal Order Value
TOVTouch of Velvet (chinchilla breeding)
TOVTown of Vail
TOVThreshold of Visibility
TOVTemple of Veeshan (Everquest)
TOVTechnicka Obsluha Vyroby (Slovak maintenance service)
TOVTalleres de Oración y Vida (Prayer and Life Workshops)
TOVTime Out Value
TOVTable of Values (mathematics)
TOVTorsional Oscillatory Viscometer (measurements; Mansco Products)
TOVTele-Operated Vehicle
TOVThe Obstructed View (Detroit Red Wings podcast)
TOVTime of Validity
TOVTrial of Void
TOVTotal Organic Volatile
TOVToole Valley Railway Company
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To help with revision for her exams this month, I agreed to listen to 'lectures' on everything from the causes of the First World War and Kristallnacht to the Treaty of Versailles and the Battle of the Bulge.
On becoming naval chief in 1928, Raeder hoped to expand the "pygmy fleet" that was allowed by the Treaty of Versailles, presided over the secret funding of battle cruiser construction, thought in terms of offensive Atlantic strategy, and imposed an authoritarian command style.
Massey remained in the post throughout the First World War, was one of the signatories of the Treaty of Versailles, and served at PM right up to 1925, making him the second-longest serving premier in New Zealand's history.
We lost 250,000 of our citizens between the two world wars during the depression created by ill conceived "British" policies and the revengeful Treaty of Versailles.
Many Americans were convinced that Britain was inciting Indian hostility in the hope of recovering the lands ceded to the United States by the Treaty of Versailles.
1920: The Treaty of Versailles ratified, officially ending The First World War.
While this four-year lag is considerably longer than the six months that the delegates at Paris took to draft the treaty of Versailles, it is a tribute to the editors that twenty-seven academics were stage-managed effectively enough to get the task completed in so short a time.
Phillips Price reported the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which he noted as an excessive retribution against a severely defeated nation.
Yet even successful presidents with vision and pragmatism have made huge mistakes--Wilson with the Treaty of Versailles, FDR with courtpacking, Truman with the Korean War.
By early 1923 Germany, in default in reparations payments called for by the Treaty of Versailles, was undergoing extreme monetary inflation.
Senate refused to ratify the treaty of Versailles, and Wilson, who refused to compromise with " the little group of wilful men " who were blocking the treaty, decided to take his case to the people.
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