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TFTFTaggere for Tjen Folket (Norwegian)
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So far Trees for the Future has planted more than 50 million trees, and Nature's Bounty's goal is to help them plant 1 million more by 2010.
So far, Trees for the Future has planted over 50 million trees, which remove about a million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.
AMERICAN FORESTS' Katrina ReLeaf funded 3,300 trees to be grown by Shreveport Green for Trees For the Future, and then transported to the necessary locations for planting.
According to Trees for the Future, a jet emits approximately one pound of carbon dioxide per passenger mile.
It will also help protect the trees for the future.
CHILDREN in schools in the area are taking part in a seed gathering event to encourage people to plant trees for the future.
MORE than 100 children from Hexham first schools have taken part in a seed gathering event in the town's Sele Park to help promote awareness of the need to grow trees for the future.
Thanksgiving Coffee was founded in 1972 and has been using its sustainably produced coffees to raise money for environmental and human rights causes since 1984 In addition, it recently was an environmental award from the state of California for innovative waste reduction efforts at its roasting facilities, and teamed up with another non-profit organization, Trees for the Future, to offset its carbon emissions by planting over 21,000 trees in Ethiopia.
Louise, a pupil of Queen Elizabeth School, spearheaded a campaign to plant trees for the future in the field around the Witherley Road school as part of North Warwickshire Borough Council's millennium trees initiative.
Agony aunt Claire Rayner, 67, said: "This project is about planting trees for the future of all humanity.
Volunteers for Trees for the Future are in the process of planting trees in the basin surrounded by highlands and mountains in an effort to slow the evaporation.