Tri-MetTri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon
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Under its Green Policy, Tri-Met seeks to reduce its negative impact on the environment by reducing waste, by reusing and recycling materials and by purchasing recycled-content products.
With an average of 2,300 passengers a day, Tri-Met spokesman Bruce Soldberg says, the line is meeting projections.
That's roughly the same speed as a "trolley car from the 1930s," notes Myles Cunneen, a Portland-based transportation consultant and former Tri-Met employee.
A Tri-Met official says adopting this plan "was the easy decision.
A year-long test of a prototype lift occurred before Tri-Met Purchased 54 Wayside lifts from Lift-U Manufacturers.
Event tickets double as vouchers for the MAX or Tri-Met, which "encourages people, not vehicles, to get to PGE Park," says Strader.
For those who wawnt to see Portland on their own, Tri-Met, the city's nationally acclaimed public transit system, offers free transportation anywhere within the 300 downtown blocks known as Fareless Square.
LTD is a good test subject: Students in Portland can already board Tri-Met buses for free under a program financed by the city, the Portland School District and the Tri-Met mass transit system, while the Salem bus system is not ready for a trial.
While his bank continued to "slash and burn" its Oregon operations, Passadore was spending up to 40 hours a week at board meetings of more than a dozen civic organizations, including the Portland Public Schools Foundation, Tri-Met, the Oregon Business Council, Portland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Health Sciences University.
Some types of employers are exempt in LTD's territory, but not in the Portland area's Tri-Met transit district.
Aside from LTD, the other major recipients include: Tri-Met in Portland, $7 million for passenger shelters and bus replacement; state Department of Transportation, $2 million for replacement vehicles for rural transit agencies; Salem Area Mass Transit District, $600,000 for bus replacement.
There are places at the big bridge table for the Oregon and Washington state traffic bureaus, C-Tran, Tri-Met, the two cities, Washington Regional Transportation Council, Clark County, Metro and several businesses.