Tri-MetTri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon
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In October of 2001, Tri-Met compared a bus that used re-refined oil for 12 months with a bus that used virgin oil during the same period.
With an average of 2,300 passengers a day, Tri-Met spokesman Bruce Soldberg says, the line is meeting projections.
A Tri-Met official says adopting this plan "was the easy decision.
Drummond was Chairman of Tri-Met, the Portland, Oregon, Area Public Transit Agency, from 1973 to 1985.
Some types of employers are exempt in LTD's territory, but not in the Portland area's Tri-Met transit district.
At least that's what Metro and Tri-Met are counting on.
She is a past director of Tri-Met and Oregon Public Broadcasting, and a former Commissioner of the Portland Development Commission.
Aside from LTD, the other major recipients include: Tri-Met in Portland, $7 million for passenger shelters and bus replacement; state Department of Transportation, $2 million for replacement vehicles for rural transit agencies; Salem Area Mass Transit District, $600,000 for bus replacement.
LTD pioneered the program, which was mimicked by similar operations at Tri-Met in Portland and Cherriots in Salem-Keizer.
Tom Walsh is a well-respected Oregon civic leader who is the former head of Tri-Met, the regional transit authority.