Tri-MetTri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon
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In October of 2001, Tri-Met compared a bus that used re-refined oil for 12 months with a bus that used virgin oil during the same period.
A Tri-Met official says adopting this plan "was the easy decision.
Drummond was Chairman of Tri-Met, the Portland, Oregon, Area Public Transit Agency, from 1973 to 1985.
The earlier ES System(TM) also powers two hybrid-electric buses for Tri-Met Transit in Portland, Oregon that were delivered in April.
Tri-Met Transit in Portland, Oregon added two of the Allison-powered series hybrid buses to its fleet in April 2002.
She is a past director of Tri-Met and Oregon Public Broadcasting, and a former Commissioner of the Portland Development Commission.
Tax amnesty isn't just being offered for past-due income tax returns; it also applies to Lane Transit District and the Portland-area's Tri-Met district self-employment taxes, corporate income and excise taxes, and trust and estate income taxes.
Under the terms of the Tri-Met contract award, US&S will provide material and engineering for a signaling, control and communications system for the I-MAX light rail transit system extension.
Several other major transit customers have previously selected Telephonics' communication systems for use, including: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and Portland Tri-Met System.
Tom Walsh is a well-respected Oregon civic leader who is the former head of Tri-Met, the regional transit authority.
117th; Tri-Met Park & Ride/Lombard; Hall Blvd; Watson Ave *Cedar Hills Blvd; Hocken; Murray Blvd; 153rd *160th/Milikan; 170th; 178th; 185th; 198th *209th; Cornelius Pass Rd; 229th Ave/SE 67th Ave *234th/Century Blvd; Brookwood/Witch Hazel *Shopping Ctr Entr/24th; SE21st/Minter Br; SE13th/River Rd *Shopping Ctr Entr.