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TISSTata Institute of Social Sciences (India)
TISSTriangle Institute for Security Studies
TISSTravel Information Software Systems
TISSThermal Imaging Sensor System
TISSTactical Information Sharing System
TISSTecnologías de la Información San Sebastian
TISSTEWS Intermediate Support System
TISSTelecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security
TISSTerminal-Independent Support System
TISSTester, Intermediate Support System
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A study by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, a group of universities, shows conclusively that 76% of senior officers oppose open homosexuality in the military.
Since 2000 she has combined a career in teaching (Special Faculty at North Carolina State University) with service with the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, first as a post-doctoral fellow and then as Coordinator.
The Project on the Gap Between the Military and Civilian Society, undertaken by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, released its first findings in October.
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