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TCPTransmission Control Protocol (with Internet Protocol [IP], the main protocol of the Internet)
TCPTransport Control Protocol
TCPTotal Control Products
TCPTape Carrier Package
TCPTratado de Comercio de los Pueblos (Spanish)
TCPTrichlorophenol (antiseptic)
TCPTricresyl Phosphate (plasticizer and lubricant)
TCPThe Climate Project
TCPTool Center Point
TCPTraffic Control Point (law enforcement)
TCPTechnical Cooperation Project
TCPTranscutaneous Pacing
TCPTubing Conveyed Perforating (oil drilling)
TCPToxin-Coregulated Pilus
TCPTechnology Control Plan
TcpCheckpoint Time
TCPTumor Control Probability
TCPTurtle Conservation Project
TCPTransformer Coupled Plasma
TCPTouch Control Panel
TCPTerrestrial Carbon Processes
TCPTerminal Control Protocol
TCPTactical Command Post
TCPTissue Culture Plastic
TCPTripulante Cabina de Pasajeros (Spanish: Passenger Cabin Crew; aviation)
TCPTransformation Campaign Plan
TCPTwo Candidate Preferred (Australian voting system)
TCPTopologically Close Packed
TCPThai Citizen's Party (Thailand)
TCPThe Cancer Project
TCPTubing Conveyed Perforation (oil)
TCPTechnological Capabilities Panel
TCPTransportation Control Plan
TCPThe Community Players (New Hamburg, ON, Canada theater group)
TCPTropical Canine Pancytopenia
TCPTennis Club de Paris (French: Paris Tennis Club; France)
TCPTechnical Coordination Program
TCPTribal Consultation Policy (US DHHS)
TCPTrajectory Change Point (air traffic management)
TCPTool Control Program
TCPTrichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl (proprietary germicide)
TCPTerminal Connection Point
TCPTerminal Control Processor (AN/USC-38 EHF SATCOM terminal)
TCPTotal Compensation Plan
TCPTactical Cryptologic Program
TCPTask Change Proposal
TCPTamaraw Conservation Program (Philippines)
TCPTropospheric Chemistry Program
TCPTermination Contracting Officer
TCPTrivalent Chromium Pretreatment
TCPTraditional Cultural Place
TCPTrial Color Proof (philatelic color test stamp)
TCPTactical Computer Processor
TCPTactical Control Point
TCPTrading Corporation of Pakistan Ltd
TCPTassin Club Pongiste (French table tennis club)
TCPTechnical Change Proposal
TCPTourism Certified Professional (Canadian Hotel & Restaurant Training Protocol)
TCPTemperature Coefficient of Permittivity
TCPTransmission by Carrier Pigeon
TCPTurbine Control Panel
TCPTerrot Club Pyrénéen (French motorcycle club)
TCPTraining Certification Plan
TCPTarget Classification Process
TCPTerminal Command Personal Identifier
TCPTiming and Control Panel
TCPTank Commanders Panel
TCPTaxpayer Compliance Program
TCPTwo Compartment Pod (B-58 Hustler)
TCPTerminal Control Position
TCPTest and Checkout Plan
TCPTrainer Change Proposal
TCPTopographic Control Points
TCPTraining Control Program
TCPTechnical/Technology Coordinating Paper
TCPTRANSEC Control Processor
TCPTrack Control Processor
TCPTraffic Control Point/Post
TCPTraining Concept Plan
TCPTactical Control Processor
TCPTripycrylbenzene (very high temperature explosive)
TCPTelemetry & Command Program
TCPTime-Limited Correlation Processing
TCPTest Checkout Panel (US Army; component of Shillelagh Missile System on M551 & M60A2 tanks)
TCPTrident Control Program (Trident submarines)
TCPTime Inversion Operations, Charge, Parity operations (theorems)
TCPTraditional CINC Program(s)
TCPThickness Conductivity Product
TCPTransportation Charter Permit
TCPTotal Cost to Print
TCPTotally Cool Person
TCPThe Cooper Partnership
TCPTechnical Consumer Products Incorporated
TCPTargets and Countermeasures Prime
TCPTri-Cities Paranormal (Kingsport, TN)
TCPTaxi Cab Paris (France)
TCPTiger Creek Powerhouse (California)
TCPTeaching Credential Program (various schools)
TCPTrans-Caspian Pipeline (submarine pipeline between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan)
TCPTraffic Calming Program (various locations)
TCPThree Card Poker (game)
TCPThe Commission Project (est. 1994)
TCPThe Cool People