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TRIETransport Routier Inter-Etats (French: Interstate Transport Route)
TRIETechnology Resources in Education (information network)
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In the end, the winning dog stretched himself out comfortably with his bone between his paws, and proceeded to growl over it, and gnaw it, and grease the floor with it, just as fifty others were already doing; and the rest of the court resumed their previous indus- tries and entertainments.
This was the effect with me of all the criticism which I had hitherto read, and I am not sure yet that the criticism which tries to be of a larger scope, and to see things "whole," is of any definite effect.
Mos' e'ry day some farmer comes in an' tries teh run deh shop.
We made several more tries on succeeding nights, and at last found our way into the National, a saloon on Tenth and Franklin.
Sometimes we find a writer who does more than merely set down facts, who seems to have a feeling for how he tells his story, and who tries to make the thing he writes about living.
She tries very hard, and I know you will be pleased with her improvement when you come.
She tries to learn everything, and really goes to market beyond her years, likewise keeps accounts, with my help, quite wonderful.
But here and there you meet a man who takes the trouble to collect traditions from the natives, and tries to make out a little piece of the history of this dark land.
Your master will feed the assvogels'--that is, vultures--'Jim, if he tries to reach Suliman's country, and so will you if they can get any pickings off your worthless old carcass,' said I.
Sometimes a bull is timid, finding himself in so strange a place, and he stands trembling, or tries to retreat.
Trie, who ran a series of failed business ventures, allegedly used a network of bank accounts from these shell groups to launder some $905,000 in illegal foreign donations to the Democratic Party.
What makes the Trie episode more disturbing is that it goes beyond questionable campaign fund-raising by the Democratic National Committee and directly implicates the White House.