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In August 2003, the FCC released the Triennial Review Order, in
The Commission modified its Triennial Review Order (108) to specify that it will evaluate whether a CLEC would incur impaired ability to compete in the absence of access to a particular ILEC network element based on the capabilities of a "reasonably efficient" CLEC competitor.
The Triennial Review Order, adopted in February 2003 and released in August 2003, proposed a new impairment standard and narrowed the unbundling obligations in several areas.
Among the topics discussed were the ever-growing areas of competition, the hottest new services slated for 2004 and 2005, and the long-anticipated and still-to-be-determined effects of the Federal Communication Commission's Triennial Review Order released Aug.
Besides the abolishment of line sharing, the triennial review order is therefore phasing out mass-market local circuit switching as a required unbundled element and with it the UNEP.