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TEALTypo Eradication Advancement League
TEALTechnology Enabled Active Learning
TEALTeachers of English as an Additional Language
TEALTriethylaluminum (aluminum alkyl)
TEALThe Electronic Anesthesiology Library
TEALTasman Empire Air Lines
TEALToshiba Electronics Asia Limited
TEALTactics, Equipment And Logistics
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* a mixture of triethylaluminum D or diisobutyl aluminum hydride C with tris(pentafluorophenyl)boran E, ammonium boranate [[[C.sub.18][H.sub.37]).sub.2]NMeH][B[([C.sub.6][F.sub.5]).sub.4]] F or triphenylmethyl borate [CP[h.sub.3]][B[([C.sub.6][F.sub.5]).sub.4]] G, and
After that, the fibers were treated with two different chemical compounds: first with triethylaluminum (10 mL of a 0.59 M solution was added in a Schlenk flask containing 1.5 g of dry fiber).
[7]), where hydrogen peroxide is known to ignite hypergolically with pyrophoric materials such as silane and triethylaluminum (TEA) [8, 9].
Aluminium alkyl and, more specifically, triethylaluminum, is used as a catalyst in production of polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene.
Accordingly, triethylaluminum has been reacted with the surface OH functions of the organo-clay swollen in toluene to form the alkoxide bond.
Cocatalyst, such as triethylaluminum and triethylboron, were syringed in as desired during the addition of isobutane.
Other chemicals such as modified methylaluminoxane (MAO, Type 4 in toluene; Akzo Co., Deer Park, Texas), diethylaluminum chloride (DEAC, 97%; Aldrich Chem.), triethylaluminum [TEA; Aldrich Chem.), Mg[Cl.sub.2] (anhydrous, Extra Pure grade; Junsei, Tokyo), titanium tetrachloride (Ti[Cl.sub.4], 99.995 + %; Aldrich Chem.), diisobutylphthalate (DIBP; Tokyo Kesei, Tokyo) and vanadium oxytrichloride (VO[Cl.sub.3], 99.995 + %; Aldrich Chem.) were used without further purification.