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TFATrès Faible Activité (French: Very Slow Activity; nuclear waste radioactivity measurement)
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TFATime for Action
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Pentahaloethane-based chlorofluorocarbon substitutes and halothane: Correlation of in vivo hepatic protein trifluoroacetylation and urinary trifluoroacetic acid excretion with calculated enthalpies of activation.
It is soluble in trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) at room temperature to form a homogeneous solution that changes from white to brown.
DHEAS was detected following derivatization with 15 mmol/L hydrazinopyridine/3 mol/L trifluoroacetic acid in ethanol for 1 h at 60[degrees]C.
Corrosive vapors such as trifluoroacetic acid may be removed by the standard system, and an inert purge option allows high safety evaporation of flammable solvents.
Chromatographic run was carried out at room temperature using the following mobile phases: solvent A (acetonitrile: water: trifluoroacetic acid, 100:900:1) and solvent B (acetonitrile: water: trifluoroacetic acid; 900:100:1).
After Fmoc removal, peptides are synthesized on the amino group of the linker using standard SPPS Fmoc chemistry, followed by cleavage with trifluoroacetic acid.
1% trifluoroacetic acid was added and were desalted using ZipTip C18 (Millipore, Bedford, MA) according to the protocol provided by the manufacturer.
Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) was purchased from GFS Chemicals (Powell, Ohio).
I have to admit it's a relief to have such a bulletproof excuse for not knowing the capital of Peru or the chemical compound of trifluoroacetic acid, when pushed, in front of the children at supper- time.
The stable nanofibres were further treated by trifluoroacetic acid in methylene chloride to hydrolyze PtBA to yield nanotubes with poly(acrylic acid)- or PAA-lined cores (D [right arrow] E).