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where c) is the displacement, velocity, or acceleration response at time t with the trigger value of c, sgn[y(i, c)] is the signum function of y(i, c), is the ith time instant corresponding to the trigger value, and 2N is the number of time segments.
An RD function with a trigger value of 6.5 x [10.sup.-4] m/[s.sup.2] and a time segment length of 10 seconds was extracted from the filtered acceleration data as shown in Figure 8(c), and the Curve Fitting Technique was applied to fit the first ten cycles as shown in Figure 8(d).
The abovementioned equations give the option value, project value, and boundary conditions in optimal investment; we can get trigger value to carry out the investment when investment decision-makers are overconfident.
In order to apply the model to estimate the effect of overconfidence on trigger value [V.sup.*] and option value, a domestic copper mining project has been considered with the value of technical and economic parameters as those presented in Table 1.
The next step is to consider how the results vary as the trigger value varies.
It means that the first input signal is able to switch circuit's triggers into one of three possible states, no matter what was the starting state of circuit's memory and trigger values. So, a full initialization of all 6 of 6 triggers is achieved.
This raises two questions: what method(s) should be used to assess risk in Australia, and how should the threshold or trigger value be set?
Directive 2004/40/EC set "exposure limit values" (frequencies recognised as having harmful effects on the human cardiovascular system or central nervous system) and "action trigger values" above which the employer must take measures set out in the directive.
The guideline trigger values for the sustainable health of different aquatic ecosystems in north-east Queensland for oxides of N, which is predominantly nitrate-N, are provided in table 3.3.4 of the ANZECC, ARMCANZ (2000) National Water Quality Management strategy report.
At present, concentrations of metals in the soil are compared to metal-specific "trigger values" (termed "maximum contaminant levels" or "maximum contaminant concentrations" in North America).
The distance between the trigger values (width of band of inaction) is enlarged by uncertainty due to option value effects.
The range of average nitrate-N concentrations in the runoff water from both control bays was 0.09-0.3 mg/L and from the PAM-treated bays 0.05-0.35 mg/L (Table 1), which were well below the ANZECC long-term trigger values for nitrate-N of 5 mg/L and the short-term trigger values of 25-125 mg/L (ANZECC/ARMCANZ 2000).