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TDUTest Drive Unlimited (game)
TDUTeamsters for a Democratic Union
TDUTransmission and Distribution Utility
TDUTour Down Under (Australian cycle race)
TDUTermination and Distribution Unit
TDUTactical Duty Uniform (police uniform)
TDUTime Display Unit (Masibus)
TDUTrash Disposal Unit
TDUThermal Desorption Unit
TDUTopology Database Update
TDUTriple DES (Data Encryption Standard) Unit
TDUTechniques Development Unit
TDUTainted, Decomposed or Unwholesome (food industry inspections)
TDUTransmission Data Unit
TDUTactical Display Unit
TDUTarget Detection Unit
TDUTowed Drone Unit (US DoD)
TDUTube Distribution Unit
TDUTelescope Demonstration Unit (HESSI/NASA)
TDUTool Deployment Unit
TDUThreat Display Unit
TDUTraining Device Upgrade
TDUToo Dumb to Understand
TDUTarget Development Unit
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TDUTooling Deployment Unit
TDUTemperature Display Unit
TDUTactical Dress Unit (Germany)
TDUTactical Deception Unit
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It offers a Tamper Resistant Encrypted Pin Pad (TREPP) and Triple DES compliance, as well as check cashing, prepaid wireless and other standard features.
IT Professional -- Centralized Configuration, Administration, and control behind the Corporate Firewall -- Centralized Control and Management of Global Settings -- Encryption using AES and Triple DES -- Enterprise Scalability System Architecture -- Multiple Device Support -- Multiple Network Support
Additionally, any concerns for wireless security should be alleviated by our use of Triple DES and AES encryption on any information transmitted or received by our NotifyLink solution on any Wi-Fi network."
financial services industry committee working under the aegis of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), adopted standard ANSI X9.52, which specifies triple DES as an interim encryption method for large-value financial transactions until a more durable method can be developed.
Triple DES Private-key encryption using three iterations of DES and much more secure than DES alone; one version (DES-EDE) encrypts with one key, decrypts with a second key, then encrypts again with the first key.
"As of July 1, 2010, retailers are not allowed to operate a PIN Pad without at least single DES DUKPT at the pump, and in-store it has to be Triple DES," said Gray Taylor, payments consultant to NACS -- The Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing, and newly appointed executive director of The Petroleum and Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards (PCATS).
With BT's Datasure Online PC backup your data is encrypted using militarygrade, triple DES 112-bit technology before it leaves your computer.
Interoperability with other VPN solutions is guaranteed through support of the IPsec standard, and powerful triple DES or AES integrated hardware encryption is provided with up to 70 Mbit/s VPN throughput.
Both processors accelerate a variety of IPSec and SSL/TLS protocols, including DES, Triple DES, AES (with 128, 192, and 256-bit key lengths), and ARC4 encryption; MD5, SHA-1 hashing and authentication; RSA, DSA, SSL, IKE, and Diffie-Hellman public key support; 3,072-bit modular arithmetic and exponentiation, plus true Random Number Generation (RNG).
It offers an extensive set of security options, which includes RC4, DES, triple DES, AES, & RSA that prevents spoofing and eavesdropping to ensure the integrity of the messaging system.
It also includes a general-purpose cryptographic library, with implementations of the industry's best-regarded algorithms such as 3DES (Triple DES), AES, and RSA as well as message digest algorithms and message authentication codes.
It is portable and operates with virtually any telephone to secure telephone conversations on demand using a 168-bit triple DES encryption algorithm.