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NNNTriple Net (method of computing real estate costs among commercial rental properties; lease)
NNNNippon News Network (Japan)
NNNNew Nordic Norm (skiing)
NNNNo New News
NNNNewspaper National Network LP
NNNNon-Nuclear Nation
NNNNatural News Network (online magazine; Rhode Island)
NNNNovy-MacNeal-Nicolle (culture medium)
NNNNotes Named Network (Domino)
NNNNet News Now
NNNNext Navy Network
NNNNormal No Noobs (gaming community, Worms World Party)
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For the triple net portfolio, same store cash NOI increased 4.
Carey has entered into a new triple net lease agreement with the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine for W.
Silber Investment Properties announced that Petrakis Realty Group has completed a multistage acquisition of triple net (NNN) properties with 7-Eleven tenants in West Virginia.
Accordingly, the transactions include the sale of six triple net leased properties, as well as termination of the related lease with LCS (the leased portfolio sale) of USD186.
As a result, triple net urban properties are experiencing increased demand.
JPM talked to Rick Burnett, Executive CPM for Triple Net Properties, LLC and Triple Net Properties Realty Inc.
Net leases can come in a variety packages, such as single net, double net or triple net.
The others, both new buildings in their fill-up phases, were structured as triple net leases with an option to buy.
A real estate investment trust, FCPT based in Mill Valley, California, mainly acquires and leases quality net leased restaurant properties and it will seek to grow its portfolio by acquiring more real estate to lease, on a triple net basis, for use in the restaurant and related food services industry.
As interest rates rise, the value of your triple net lease property may decline, this is especially important when using a triple net lease property in a 1031 exchange, while looking for another property to exchange into.
com)-- STREAM Capital Partners ("STREAM"), a boutique net lease and sale leaseback advisory group, recently completed the sale of a portfolio of four (4) triple net leased Dollar General properties located in Missouri and Ohio.
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