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Because it is so difficult to remove tritium, most nuclear plants release tritiated water into the environment.
Therefore, these technological issues needed to be solved to allow for its application to nuclear fusion reactors requiring further enrichment from highly-concentrated tritiated water.
15pm a leak of tritiated water ( a by-product of electricity generation ( was seen coming from a pipe.
15pma leak of tritiated water -a by-product of the electricity generation process -was spotted coming from a pipe.
Tritiated water, Br and rhodamine WT were injected into well HW2 (Fig.
Linnea Wahl, an environmental health physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, said, "Any time you have water around tritium you can wind up with tritiated water.
5 years, it poses a significant heath risk since tritiated water is processed by plants, animals and humans like ordinary water.
Pages 189-194 in Use of tritiated water in studies of production and adaptation in ruminants.
Tritiated water for estimation of total body water and water turnover rates in birds.
Has used high concentrations of tritiated water in research.