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Williams, IX TCC, to commanders of 50, 52, 53 Troop Carrier Wings and commanding officer of Pathfinder School, June 6,1944.
Flying 266 C 47s, the US Army Air Forces' 52nd Troop Carrier Wing would carry the 3,045 paratroopers to Sicily on the night of July 9.
When the group returned to England in November 1943, to Spanhoe Airfield, it was as a four-squadron group in the well-seasoned 52nd Troop Carrier Wing. It had come to participate in the invasion of German-controlled Europe.
Clark, June 9, 1944, found in the history of the 50th Troop Carrier Wing, May-June 1944.
Even while the sea evacuation was under way, 61st Troop Carrier Wing C--54s airlifted ammunition and other supplies from Japan to the perimeter.
18 Eight Reserve troop carrier wings and six aerial port