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TROSTelevisie Radio Omroep Stichting (broadcasting company in the Netherlands)
TROSTransformer Read Only Storage (computing)
TROSTruncated Rod Outer Segment
TROSTape Resident Operating System
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Mount my chariot, and note how cleverly the horses of Tros can speed hither and thither over the plain in pursuit or flight.
They are of the stock that great Jove gave to Tros in payment for his son Ganymede, and are the finest that live and move under the sun.
But Dardanus came to the coast of the mainland -- from him Erichthonius and thereafter Tros were sprung, and Ilus, and Assaracus, and godlike Ganymede, -- when he had left holy Samothrace in his many-benched ship.
Balutan, however, said that he terminated the franchise of erring STL owners but they sought help from the court which issued TROs and these delayed the effectivity of the termination.
DOE Assistant Secretary Leonido Pulido said on Wednesday the agency is in discussions with the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) on whether to file for a motion for reconsideration or wait for the TROs to lapse.
Duterte observed that losing bidders usually go to court to seek TROs on government projects alleging corruption and other irregularities.
The TROs will provide the rate list to the stallholders and the quality and the prices of the commodities will also be checked on daily basis.
He said that TROs would be shared with the government.
Tros Gynnal Plant has projects across Wales offering independent and confidential support to children and young people and families through advocacy, participation, counselling, family group meetings and conflict resolution.
The latter is generally referred to as total retirement outsourcing (TRO).
Petaen ni'n gweld cyw cog yn agos, mi fydden ni hefyd yn sylwi fod ganddo fo bant ar ei wegil, wedi ei ddatblygu'n bwrpasol at roi hwi i'r wyau tros ymyl ei gartref tros dro.