TRTSTelephony Return Termination System
TRTSTrain Ready to Start (railroad switch)
TRTSTaipei Rapid Transit System (Taiwan)
TRTSTactical Record Traffic System
TRTSTriage Revised Trauma Score
TRTSTeaching Reading Through Spelling (TRTS Publishing; Wrexham, Wales, UK)
TRTSThe Religious Tract Society
TRTSTelemetry Receiving Test System
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That news followed another announcement earlier in the month that a new manuscript had been accepted for publication by the Journal of the Endocrine Society that provides the definitive evidence that Natesto[R] has even more advantages over most every marketed TRT drug that previously reported.
Marian de los Angeles, the overall coordinator of the TRTs, said 'the experts comprising the teams are now in the field and commencing their review of the 26 mine sites.'
The second part of the review will also include a 'social cost benefit analysis' and an 'evaluation of the changes in the ecosystem' as well as a 'more in-detail look into the equity aspects' of the mining operations, according to Marian de los Angeles, overall coordinator of the TRTs.
Dietary treatments were as follows: CON, basal diet (without G amansii); TRT 1, CON+1% G amansii; TRT 2, CON+3% G amansii; TRT 3, CON+5% G amansii as basis of substrate (timothy).
Further test sessions began with three TRTs. Then, for each patient, depending on their actual condition, the test session was either terminated after the third TRT or continued through the application of GUTs, which were given on an approximately weekly basis.
A pesquisa englobou o repositorio jurisprudencial dos Tribunais Regionais do Trabalho (TRTs) das 24 regioes brasileiras, excluindo-se o Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST) diante da vedacao do reexame de materias faticas na referida Instoncia, consoante ao que dispoem o art.
Tambem estao computadas os TRTs superiores a 1.000ms e inferiores a 100ms.
A change of the fitting parameter p tends to have an impact on the estimation of the borehole thermal resistance and both cases, p = 1 and p [right arrow] -1, were used for analysis of the TRTs presented in this manuscript.
The main question guiding our inquiry was the following: In what ways, if any, does a TRT approach to PD impact a veteran teacher's understandings of literacy and literacy practices?
The concept of TRT was first presented by Mogensen (1983); following this, in situ TRTs with mobile test rigs were conducted by Eklof and Gehlin (1996) and Austin (1998) in the mid 90s.