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TRUBThree Rivers Underground Brewers (Pittsburgh, PA)
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According to the Russian design code CH 365-67 "Ukazaniya po projektirovaniju zeleznobetonych i betonych konstrukciji mostov i trub" (1967) theoretical concrete compressive strength is 14 MPa and concrete tensile strength is 2.0 MPa.
For power-generating operations, water contracts have been set up based on the flow of tributaries near a facility, on the amount of precipitation, or on a reservoir level, explained Trub.
In other words, "if you have a 500-unit building and only 10 to 15 percent of the units are sold, that's a problem," Trub said.
Top seedisOrder of Merit leader and Trub shaw Cup champion Ben Westgate.
kohn/u/ma 'abnehmen' (< kohn 'mager'), sitk/u/ma 'beharrlich werden' (< sitke 'zah'), tuhm/u/ma 'trub werden' (< tuhm 'matt').
The project will also improve the process of adding finings to the beer - additives which chemically combine with stray yeast particles to produce a residue called trub which can be drained off, leaving the brewed beer clear and unclouded.
The European Commission on September 22 gave its approval to the proposed merger of Czech iron and steel groups Vitkovice Valcovna Trub (VVT) and Trinecke zelezarny, notified on August 17.
in the poem 'Krankenhaus', which describes in drastic terms the physical and psychological symptoms of drug addiction: 'Gott, den wir in uns faulen lassen, | Verfarbt die Strome unseres Blutes trub' (GW, 1, 104-07).
Other brewery by-products such as surplus yeast, trub, malt dust and rest beer can be included in the process.
Some gastropods are capable of using stored sperm for more than one year (Trub, 1990; Baur, 1998).
Trub; VP, R&D: Elaine Abicht; EVP: Thomas Davis; VP: Richard J.M.