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NNoon (time of day)
NNeutral (automatic transmissions)
NNon specified number
NNumber of Years
NNatural Numbers
NSet of Natural Numbers (math)
NLondon North (postcode, United Kingdom)
NNight (airfare)
NNotch (type of filter)
NIntuitive (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
NPrincipal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
NKnight (chess)
NMoles (chemistry)
NNigerian Naira (national currency)
NSouthwest Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
NNatus (Latin: Born)
NNoggin (cable network)
NAsparagine (amino acid)
NMean Motion (astronomy)
NNucleoprotein (virus protein)
NSensitive Unclassified (information)
NTrue Neutral (gaming)
NAvogadro's Number (chemistry)
NNeutron Number (physics)
NUnable to Locate Complainant (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
NNot Classified But Sensitive
NOccupation Regular Issues (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NNot for Release to Foreign Nationals
NNo Action Taken/Being Taken (action code)
NUS DoT tire speed rating (87 mph)
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But as a practical matter this kind of central bank counter-movement seems to strain the ability of policy makers (or anyone, for that matter) to actually know what the true neutral rate is, by how much market rates should be adjusted, and whether the excess demand for money (or decline in velocity) is simply transitory or something systematic and long term.
With six Original HP inks and the HP printhead, the new series can produce dark blacks, true neutral grays, vivid colours and sharp lines.
"ASTM is the ideal forum for this effort, a true neutral ground where all interested parties can have their voice heard and shape the direction of future standards for hydraulic fracturing," said Dr.
Although the Appeals mediator is not a true neutral party (i.e., unrelated to both parties), the mediator has been trained to facilitate resolution of disputes, and experience confirms that Appeals mediators can be quite effective because they know the organization and have likely settled hundreds of cases themselves.
Created with the explicit purpose of contemplation, Zen gardens are often created within the narrow color range of true neutral grays and whites with only seasonal spots of color emerging.
The new palette ranges from dove to slate, extending to include greyer shades of other colours, such as lilac, sage and rose - though you'd tend only to use one of these as an accent to keep to a true neutral.
Not wanting to overtly favor either the Swedes or the French or any other country in Europe, the Swiss may well go, in the manner of a true neutral, elsewhere entirely rather than risk offending any European countries.
In addition, the printing system produces beautiful black-and-white prints with smooth transitions and true neutral grays using the HP Quad-Black Ink set.
He first demonstrates mixing complementary colors and develops detailed charts creating semi-neutrals and true neutral grays, which he will use in his landscape painting.
This 5-point scale had no true neutral and thus skewed the responses toward satisfaction.
Perfect for snow sports, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, or any other outdoor activity, the Slipstream is available in two formats: True Neutral Smoke (TNS) lens with a Gun Flash or a Bold Blue Flash mirror coating.
"We've tapped out on true neutral colors," adds White, "Consumers want more color but they want colors that are comforting and natural." She notes a shifting away from strong, heavy golden yellows to warm, softly baked colors that are playing more of a neutral role by supporting other colors."