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"We've got Trump University and other schools like it, for-profit universities where individuals are duped into going to these schools, and the degrees are basically worthless," James said.
Trump denied all of the allegations and demanded a retraction from the New York Times, which declined.<br />Also back in those lighthearted days of the campaign we were reminded of Trump's past housing scandals and the more recent debacle of Trump University. In November 2016 Trump settled multiple lawsuits on that front for $25 millionbut not until he'd accused the judge, who is of Mexican heritage but was born in Indiana, of having an inherent conflict of interest.
He'll settle the lawsuit about his charitable foundation with an out-of-court payment that admits no wrongdoing, just like he did with the Trump University case.
In 2004, Trump launched Trump University, illegal from the beginning.
Trump also shelled out $25 million in settling lawsuits that alleged his Trump University real estate courses defrauded students.
Thousands of former students of the now-defunct Trump University will soon get most&nbsp;of their money back.
The promises made by the Prime Minister last January are today as worthless as a degree certificate from Trump University Labour MP Chuka Umunna I don't want my wrinkles taken away - I don't want to look like everyone else Actress Jane Fonda, pictured right at her 80th birthday
He's trampled on people throughout his life, as he did with Trump University [former students alleged him of fraud], failing to pay his employees, his racism and so on.
Panel chairman Richard Burr, a Republican, warned: "We are all targets of a sophisticated and capable adversary." |A PS20million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit claiming fraud against Trump and his Trump University property seminars was approved by a judge in San Diego yesterday.
In the summer of 2013, two years before Trump announced his candidacy, Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against him, alleging that Trump University, which ran a real-estate training program from 2005 until 2011, ripped off thousands of people all over the country.
Bush's final Cabinet $6.8 billion: More than the gdp of 51 countries Enough to expand Medicaid to 1 million Americans Enough to pay the Trump University fraud settlement 272 times "'Why can't they have people of modest means?' Because I want people that made a fortune!
That tweet got picked up by TV news and social media, conveniently drowning out the fact that Trump had also just settled his lawsuit over the discredited Trump University for a whopping $25m.