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TYOJTrust Your Own Judgement
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If engines are really of no interest and you do not trust your own judgement, the major motoring organisations offer inspection services for a fee.
So the lesson is - always trust your own judgement.
But recent rather tricky situations have thrown you off balance, enough you don't always trust your own judgement. It's essential you link up again with that deep inner wisdom.
If you trust your own judgement and have decades of experience, then go ahead and invest.
It gets better over the years but it's very difficult to trust your own judgement. Although I look back and think I wasn't to blame, you also think, 'Why didn't I realise that?' or 'Why didn't I get in the car and drive away?' It's difficult to trust people.
Chris Long, aged 22, of Dreyer Close, Rugby, said: "This proves you cannot trust your own judgement while you're drinking.
It's important to trust your own judgement on a career matter.
Trust your own judgement, If you think your child is in need of professional help and you are uncomfortable with what is being offered, goon looking.
But it's important to know when you can trust your own judgement and when you should trust others.
Trust your own judgement and not that of tipsters - unless it's me (Derick McCrate).