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TSTop Secret
TSTropical Storm
TSTransport Stream
TSTechnical Support
TSTerminal Service
TSTerms of Service
TSToy Story (movie)
TSTable Saw (woodworking)
TSThe Sims (computer game)
TSTechnical Specification
TSThe Stuff (movie)
TSTaylor Swift (singer)
TSTest Set
TSTechnical Services
TSCleveland (postcode, United Kingdom)
TSTrabzonspor (Turkey)
TSTimes Square
TSTrieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
TSTemperature Sensor
TSTime Slot
TSTwilight Sparkle
TSTop Speed
TSTop Soil
TSTotally Spies (TV show)
TSThe Simpsons (TV show)
TSTheological Seminary
TSTwisted Sister (band)
TSTourette Syndrome
TSTable Shower
TSTest Site
TSTransaction Server
TSTotal System
TSTraffic Signal
TSTransfer System (various companies)
TSTrading Spaces (TV show)
TSTony Stewart
TSTraining Support
TSTime Sharing
TSTeesside (UK post code)
TSThomas Stearns (poet T.S. Eliot)
TSTransverse Section
TSTable Service
TSTasmania (Australia)
TSThymidylate Synthase
TSTime Switch
TSTotal Solution (RWM Data Management Ltd.)
TSTurner Syndrome (XO monosomy in girls)
TSThermal Systems
TSTraining Ship
TSTensile Strength
TSTransportation System (\Siemens)
TSTotal Score
TSTemperature Sensitive (cells)
TSTraining Specialist
TSTop Spin (game)
TSTranslation Services
TSTupac Shakur
TSTown Square
TSTwin Sister
TSTenor Saxophone
TSTimeSplitters (video game)
TSTransport Service
TSThe Syndicate (online gaming guild)
TSTraffic Shaping
TSTechnical School
TSTreatment System
TSTransfer Station (waste, shipping, mining)
TSTerror Squad (band)
TSTuberous Sclerosis
TSTerror Squad (gaming clan)
TSThoracic Surgery
TSTiberian Sun (game)
TSTom Sawyer
TSTechnical Solution
TSTemperature Switch
TSThe Specialists (gaming, Half-Life)
TSTest Solution
TSTimestamping (IRC)
TSTotal Solids (environmental biology)
TSTopic Starter (person who started a forum thread)
TSThe Shins (band)
TSTrade Station (investing/trading software)
TSToisin Sanoen
TSTramp Stamp
TSTechnical Standard
TSThermal Subsystem (company)
TSTime Sheet
TSToxic Substance
TSTrading Spouses (TV show)
TSTrouble Shooter
TSTabu Search (algorithm)
TSTheological Studies (Journal)
TSTracking Sensor
TSTreasury Stock
TSTest Specification
TSTargeting System
TSTechnological Singularity
TSTough Stuff (polite form)
TSTrailing Stop (investing/trading)
TSTest Station
TSThermal Sensor (computing)
TSTerribly Sad
TSTest Switch
TSTelegraph System
TSTemple Square (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
TSText Structure
TSTemporary Structure
TSTarget Start
TSTotal Strength
TSTransient State (of a reaction or system)
TSTale Spin (cartoon)
TSTraining Squadron
TSTeam Shot
TSTransmission Scheme
TSTrypticase Soy
TSTenure System
TSTechnical Sergeant
TSTarget Strength
TSTentative de Suicide (French: Suicide Attempt)
TSTerasecond (time measurement)
TSTransfer Start (memory controllers)
TSTrunk Side
TSTamper Switch
TSTrue Shame
TSTraffic Sensitive
TSTask Support
TSTrusted Solaris
TSTail Suspension (rat scientific testing)
TSTransit Storage
TSTransmitter Station
TSTip, Sleeve
TSTimer State
TSTerribly Sexy
TSTipperary South (Ireland)
TSTwin Stack (decoder)
TSTurbine Ship
TSTimothy Syndrome
TSTaura Syndrome
TSTennessee Smokies (Minor League baseball team)
TSTime Shack (US Navy)
TSTethered Satellite
TSTorch Soldering
TSTandem Server
TSToilet Stop
TSTele Soluciones (Guatemala)
TSTownsend's Solitaire (bird species)
TSTransition Season
TSTransitional Strategy
TSToll Switching
TSTevynes Sajunga (Homeland Union Party, Lithuania)
TSTapered Single (roller bearings)
TSTransit Switch
TSTerminating Switch
TSTelemetry Station
TSTube Settler (wastewater treatment)
TSTrigger Supervisor
TSTreating Source
TSTest Secretary
TSTunnel Switch
TSTwin Skies (computer game)
TSTentamen Suicidi (Latin, Suicide Attempt)
TSTangent to Spiral
TSThyssen Schachtbau GmbH
TSTanapap, Saipan (US Navy)
TSTribal Souls (band)
TSTopological Surgery
TSTagging Spectrometer
TSTritium Storage
TSTELE-Sputnik (Satellite, Cable TV and Telecommunication magazine, Russia)
TSThermal Smooth (weather)
TSTethered Swimming
TSTackable Surface
TSThyristor Switch
TSTriumphant Sound (Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan, KS singing group)
TSThor Shield (G2 Consulting)
TSTough Save (baseball)
TSTending Side
TSTesselated Sheroid
TSScience and Engineering Support Office (NIMA)
TSTidewater Southern Railway Company
TSTest/Type Specification
TSTemple Siege (game)
TSTrembler Switch
TSToogoolawa School (Gold Coast, Australia)
TSTropical Staining (philately)
TSTrabzon Spor Klübü (Trabzon, Turkey)
TSTurbosoufflantes (French: Turbofan)
TSTimes-Shamrock, Inc. (Scranton, PA)
TSTrajectory Synthesis CSCI
TSTransaction Separator
TSTheil Statistic (software reliability)
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All the tubes are not formed precipitate then do subcultures on media Trypticase Soy Agar media (TSA) and incubated in a C[O.sub.2] incubator at 37[degrees]C for 24 hours.
The number of cells adhered to each coupon (CFU [cm.sup.-2]) was determined by transferring serial dilutions to Petri dishes (surface plating) that contained trypticase soy agar (TSA) and incubating the Petri dishes at 35[degrees]C[+ or -]1[degrees]C for 48h (ESPER, 2010).
A single, well-isolated colony from each trypticase soy agar plate was then suspended in 5 mL of trypticase soy broth and incubated at 37[degrees]C until the inoculum achieved 0.5 McFarland standard ([greater than or equal to] 0.10D at 620 nm).
coli in PBS after HHP treatment was determined by the pour culture method in Trypticase Soy agar (TSA, Becton Dickenson and Company).
Logphase cultures of WT growing aerobically in trypticase soy broth (TSB) were treated with NG.
Aliquots of 50-[micro]L remnant blood culture specimens were enriched in 1 mL of trypticase soy broth with 0.5% sodium chloride, Lim Broth (Todd-Hewitt broth with colistin nalidixic-acid, Becton Dickinson), or chopped meat broth (Becton Dickinson), depending on metabolic requirements.
A loopful of test organisms was inoculated in 10 mL of trypticase soy broth with 1% glucose in test tubes.
Table 1-Specified Microbial Limits Total Microbial Count Raw Materials Finished Products 10 cfu/g or ml 2 - 100 cfu/g or ml 6 6 300 cfu/g or ml - 3 1000 cfu/g or ml 6 1 10000 cfu/g or ml - - Other (not specified) 1 - Table 2 - Protocols (Methods) for Microbial Detection Raw Materials Finished Products Dipstick 1 1 USP * 3 2 Plate Count ** 7 9 Enrichment *** 2 3 Rapid Method *** - 3 * United States Pharmacopeia 61 Microbiological Examination of Nonsterile Products: Microbial Enumeration Tests ** Trypticase soy agar, Cetrimide, Sabouraud, MacConkey and Potato dextrose agars *** Letheen, Tetrathionate, Lauryl tryptose, Modified tween letheen and "MLAT" broths.
Axenic and monoxenic cultivation of Acanthoamoeba in serum, thioglycollate broth, trypticase soy broth and brain heart infusion broth was also performed (Penland and Kirk, 1997).
They formulated laboratory media (trypticase soy broth) with the different preservatives at pH 7.
coli (~[10.sup.7] CFU), After 1, 14, and 24 h incubation, the bunches were washed in 30 ml of saline, sonicated (UP400S, 24 kHz, Hielscher GmbH: 50% amplitude, 100% pulse) for 20 s (to detach the bacteria from the fibers), and plated to a dilution of up to [10.sup.-4] in duplicate on trypticase soy agar contact plates (VWR).
According to Gardam and Miller (1998), the combination of Trypticase soy agar and sheep blood agar is recommended for the presumptive identification of Streptococcus pneumoniae.