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TSBTechnology Strategy Board (UK)
TSBTorrington Savings Bank (Torrington, CT)
TSBTechnical Service Bulletin
TSBTransportation Safety Board of Canada
TSBTPS (Thermal Protection System) Sample Box
TSBTexas State Bank
TSBTelecommunication Standardization Bureau
TSBTrypticase Soy Broth (microbiology growth medium)
TSBTechnical Services Board
TSBTranslation Storage Buffer
TSBTransport Service Bridge
TSBTechnical Support Bulletin
TSBTokyo School of Business (Tokyo, Japan)
TSBTotal Soft Bank (South Korea)
TSBTecnologías para la Salud y el Bienestar (Spanish)
TSBTrue Story Bro
TSBTargeted Small Business (various organizations)
TSBTrustee Savings Bank
TSBTechnology Solutions for Business (Westlake, OH)
TSBThe Service Business (UK)
TSBTotal Serum Bilirubin
TSBTecmo Super Bowl (video game)
TSBTechnology Services Board (various locations)
TSBTrue Small Business
TSBTrade Statistics Branch (UN)
TSBTelecommunications Systems Bulletin
TSBTechnical Support Branch (National Hurricane Center)
TSBTri-State Buffer
TSBToxic Sperm Buildup
TSBTropical Sugar Beet
TSBTransportation Support Battalion
TSBTechnical Security Branch (RCMP; Canada)
TSBTraining Support Battalion
TSBTermination Status Block
TSBTraffic Safety Board
TSBTraining Support Brigade
TSBTrue Soulja Boyz (band)
TSBTemporary Stowage Bag (US NASA)
TSBThe Silent Ballet (website)
TSBTech Support Bulletin (various companies)
TSBTechnical Services Building
TSBTextiles Surveillance Body
TSBTransportation Services Branch
TSBToronto School of Business
TSBTelecommunications Standardization Board
TSBTrunk Signaling Buffer
TSBTheater Staging Base
TSBThrift Savings Bank
TSBTrack Suit Bottom
TSBTechnology Systems Branch (India)
TSBTechnical Staffs Branch (UK)
TSBTelecom Support Board (NASA)
TSBTruth Supervenes on Being (philosophy)
TSBTall Shiny Building
TSBTangential-Sphere Bound
TSBTepid Sponge Bath (fever management)
TSBTwin Side Band
TSBTelecommunications Standard Block
TSBTepper School of Buisness
TSBTowed Sonar Buoy
TSBTransmission Synchronizer Brake
TSBThrust Sector Blower
TSBThe Spiriting Board
TSBTransmit Silence Bit
TSBTransportation Service Bulletin
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From the eluate, 100 [micro]L of the eluate was then inoculated onto each of three media: trypticase soy agar with 5% sheep blood (blood agar plate [BAP] BBL; Becton Dickinson) and into two tubes of trypticase soy broth (TSB) with 6.5% NaCl (BBL, BD), which were then vortexed for 10 seconds.
Aliquots of 50-[micro]L remnant blood culture specimens were enriched in 1 mL of trypticase soy broth with 0.5% sodium chloride, Lim Broth (Todd-Hewitt broth with colistin nalidixic-acid, Becton Dickinson), or chopped meat broth (Becton Dickinson), depending on metabolic requirements.
(13) Organisms isolated from fresh agar plates were inoculated in 10 mL of trypticase soy broth with 1% glucose.
Axenic and monoxenic cultivation of Acanthoamoeba in serum, thioglycollate broth, trypticase soy broth and brain heart infusion broth was also performed (Penland and Kirk, 1997).
Heidelberg was grown in trypticase soy broth (TSB) (unadapted) and in TSB supplemented with 1% glucose (acid-adapted) for 24 hours at 37 C.
Most complex nutrient media used in a general microbiology lab (Nutrient Broth, Luria-Bertani Broth, or Trypticase Soy Broth) contain animal-derived ingredients, such as casein, tryptone, or meat extracts.
Briefly, overnight cultures of bacteria in trypticase soy broth (Hi-media, Mumbai, India) were diluted 1:100 in fresh trypticase soy broth (TSB) and 1 ml volume of each was taken in separate quartz cuvettes.
Dacron-tipped swabs were moistened with sterile trypticase soy broth before rectal sampling.
epidermidis were inoculated in trypticase soy broth (TSB), a nonselective, enriched, liquid growth medium.