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TSHITokai Seiki Heavy Industry (Honda; Japan)
TSHITublay School of Home Industries (Philippines)
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Only by a careful and detailed investigation can one finally realise that the god who manifests himself in Nkissi areas as Nzambi is identical with the one who appears in Tshi as Srahmantu, in Ashanti as Tando, in Dahomey as Shango, in Kalabari as Amateme Teme, and among the Kung Bushmen as Hishe or Gara (125).
If the Tshi people shall be received among the Christian civilized nations, their language also must be cultivated, developed, and refined, so that everything worthy to be known by educated men may be duly and fitly expressed in their own tongue.
And so I hope that Tshi Christians also in future days will be glad to read about the conditions and transactions of the ancestors.
Do ne na, le tau that this, just get ntsu nong xong txau lo a sky seed bamboo bring come do tsu yang kwa tshi nteu, (45) pair yang trigram bamboo divine, -piece tsai ka i lo lo.
Mixed Bigram Words (23) abed, abut, bade, balm, bars, bast, basted, debars, deeded, defers, hied, high noon, hits, noon, NOTs, oped, op-ed, opts, poop, posted, stoned, Styx, Tshi
Christaller, A Dictionary of the Asante and Fante Language called Tshi (Chwee, Twi) (Baser, 1881).
Nu Pu Phu missing Tshu Dzu Wu Zhu Zu Ru Lu Mdo 'grel Ka A/B Kha Ga Nga Ca missing missing Da Na Pa Tsa Tsha Dza Wa Zha Ra La Sha Sa Ha Ki Khi Gi Ngi Ci Ti Thi Di Ni Pi Tsi Tshi Dzi Wi Zhi Ri Li Shi Si Hi Ku Khu Gu Ngu Cu Tu Thu Du Nu Pu Tsu Tshu Dzu Wu Zhu Ru Lu Shu Su Hu Ke Khe Ge Nge Ce Te The De Ne Pe Tse Tshe Dze We Zhe Re Le She Se He Ko Kho Go Ngo Co To Tho Do missing Po Tso(dkar chag) Snar thang Bstan 'gyur Ka (Bstod tshogs) Rgyud 'grel Ka Ja Nya Ta Ba Ma missing?
Volumes missing from the Snar thang Bstan 'gyur collection are as follows: Rgyud 'grel- ca tsa ya ra la ci chi tsi tshi bu and tsu = 11 volumes Mdo 'grel--ta tha zu no = 4 volumes total 15 volumes are missing from this collection.
I would have always loved to be involved in tshis and how could you not?