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Nevertheless, from the perspective of modernity, for the doctrine of jen just mentioned in the above to be socially optimal, it has to connect to, among others, the states of: (1) unfettered freedom (tsih you hsiaw yaw [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and primordial beauty of nature (yuen tien ti ta mei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] at the individual level, (2) human right, equality, and civil liberty at the social level, (3) intrinsic dynamics of the mind at the technological level, (4) self- and social-interests at the economic level, and (5) in-depth humanities at the levels of aesthetics and religion.
These form the western end of the pattern: Caph (Beta Cassiopeiae), Shedir (Alpha), and Tsih (Gamma).
Allen's description is brief and mentions the Chinese name Tsih, or "the Whip," which belonged to a chariot driver formed by other stars in Cassiopeia.