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TSNATobacco Specific Nitrosamine
TSNATennessee School Nutrition Association
TSNATan Son Nhut Association (Penryn, PA)
TSNAThe Saturday Nite Agenda (album)
TSNATurkmen State News Agency
TSNATotal Sympathetic Nerve Activity
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All tobacco use categories demonstrated elevated nicotine and tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) concentrations relative to non-users.
Comparison of TSNA levels (9, 46) Product NNN NNK NAT NAB Total (ng/g) Electronic cigarettes 3.87 1.46 2.16 0.69 8.18 Nicotine gum 2.00 ND ND ND 2.00 Nicotine band ND 8,00 ND ND 8.00 Cigarette 2,900 960 2,300 100 6,260 NAB: N-nitrosoanabasine; NAT: nitrosoanatabine; ND: Not determined; NNK: N-nitrosonornicotine ketone; NNN: N-nitrosonornicotine Table 6.
A field experiment using chemical regulation was conducted to decrease nitrate and TSNA concentrations in flue-cured tobacco, and the effects of spraying regulated substances on burley varieties TN86 and TN90 were analyzed to determine an effective method for reducing nitrate and TSNA concentrations in burley tobacco.
In this study, we used salivary cotinine to characterize the exposure of nonsmokers to SHS in outdoor seating areas and outside a restaurant and a bar in Athens, Georgia, where only indoor smoking is banned, and urinary NNAL to characterize their uptake of TSNA.
The ratings reflect TSNA's strong parentage, being part of the JBM Group; the benefits it derives from its collaboration with TSAI both in terms of technical support as well as new business generation; strong business position with BAL and TVS; and success in penetrating several new customers.
Because they use 100% StarCured tobacco, Ariva compressed powdered tobacco pellets, or "cigaletts," "have TSNA levels 95% to 98% lower than other tobacco products, he says.
Conkling, vice president of genetic research at Vector Tobacco and a former North Carolina State University genetics professor, has genetically modified tobacco seed to produce a virtually nicotine-free and TSNA (tobacco specific nitrosamines)-free tobacco.
The GRANITE program should deliver an intense and focused immune attack upon tumors through the production of a unique therapy for each individual patient based upon EDGE-enabled definition of their tumor-specific neoantigens (TSNA).
Teresa Johnson, far right, is the TNA staff liaison for TSNA.
It is engineered to elicit a significant T-cell response (particularly CD8+ cytotoxic T-cells) against mutation-derived tumor-specific neoantigens, or TSNA, identified for each patient through the company's proprietary EDGE machine learning-based platform.
Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNA) is an abounding carcinogen present in un-ignited tobacco.
The impact of Burley's lower nitrogen use efficiency on its metabolism and growth means that some plant variants contain increased levels of nicotine, other alkaloids, and nitrites, resulting in higher levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamine (TSNA) compounds in their leaf.