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TSSTToxic Shock Syndrome Toxin
TSSTToshiba Samsung Storage Technology
TSSTTrier Social Stress Test
TSSTTrier Social Stress Task
TSSTTime Sensitive Surface Target
TSSTTotal Ships Survivability Testing
TSSTTron Superspeed Tunnel (Disneyland)
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De esta manera, el TSST ha evidenciado que las personas manifiestan respuestas de estres cuando estan expuestas ante otros que estan emitiendo un juicio sobre ellos, y ha sido util para evaluar lo que puede ocurrir en una situacion real en contextos laborales y academicos.
Une deuxieme etude, egalement conduite chez des enfants souffrant d'anxiete sociale, confirme que les enfants anxieux montrent un RC plus eleve pendant toute la session experimentale, mais aussi une augmentation du RC plus lente en reponse a la TSST et un rythme de recuperation reduit (Kramer etal.
The TSST includes both a public speaking and mental arithmetic component and has been demonstrated to induce a robust physiological response (Kirschbaum et al.
035) to the TSST in chronically high- but not in low-stressed subjects (all p > 0.
2006) observed that exposure to TSST before the study phase was insufficient to increase false memories (both false recall and false recognition) in the DRM paradigm.
The TSST has been widely used to compare the magnitude of stress reactivity and stress-response dampening by alcohol in individuals at risk for alcoholism, as defined by heavy drinking or a family history of alcoholism.
MRSA ST239-III did not have virulent determinants often associated with health care-associated or community-associated MRSA strains, such as PVL, TSST, ACME, or mupA.
Both ACTH and CORT were increased in response to the TSST.
Results indicated that the TSST did elicit a significant stress response; however, individuals who had participated in the stress inoculation and cognitive reframing training had significantly lower cortisol responses to the TSST and a faster recovery time.
aureus developed different virulence factors including the production of a large variety of toxins such as ETA, ETB, TSST and the enterotoxins SEA, SEB, SEC, SED, SEE, SEG, SEH, SEI, SEJ, SEK, SEL, SEM, SEN, SEO, SEP, SEQ, SER and SEU [16, 21, 23, 30, 32, 33, 36, 48].
Institutional investors said that in the future BD drives and players made by Hitachi-LG and TSST would be attached with pre-recorded BDs made by U-Tech, and the two drive makers' aggressive promotion of BDs is expected to fuel demand for BDs.