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TSUBAMETokyo-Tech Supercomputer and Ubiquitously Accessible Mass-Storage Environment (supercomputer; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Japan)
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Ltd., an professor Hideo Hosono, director of Materials Research Center for Element Strategy at Tokyo Institute of Technology, have set up Tsubame BHB Co.
The most notable new entry to the Top 500 is Tsubame 2.0, the new supercomputer from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Yasumi Koura, managing director of Tsubame, came up with the idea of displaying the information at the chain restaurants because he wanted his customers to know where the livestock were raised.
(2004) Origin of Perennial Youth and Long Life from Tsubame no su (Edible Bird's Nest)--For Your Beauty and Health -from Sialic Acids.
Nissan Mexicana, the subsidiary that Nissan established in 1961, currently produces the Sentra, Tsuru, Tsubame Station Wagon and pickup models.
JR Kyushu has decided to release a computer mouse in the shape of the JR Kyushu Tsubame 800 series Shinkansen.
An often-quoted example is the city of Tsubame in Niigata prefecture, where 90 percent of Japanese stainless steel knives and forks are produced.
It also plans to run either a Sakura or Tsubame train each hour between Hakata and Kagoshima, and around two such services each hour between Hakata and Kumamoto.
The new Tsubame, or sparrow, bullet train service made a top speed of 260 kilometers per hour between Kagoshima-Chuo Station and Shin-Yatsushiro Station, according to Kyushu Railway Co.
According to the sources, the firms are suspected of forming a price cartel for the products, which are used by tableware manufacturers in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, as a raw material.