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TTCPTest Tcp
TTCPThe Technical Cooperation Program (US DoD)
TTCPTechnology Transfer Control Plan
TTCPTest Transmission Control Protocol
TTCPTest Training Certification Plan
TTCPTailored Technical Criteria Profile
TTCPTraining, Testing and Certification Program
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XRD analysis of HA coatings confirmed that all the major peaks belongs to HA, with minor presence of TTCP and PTCP phases.
He became involved in TTCP through his longstanding association with the Coal Point Progress Association:
TTCP is a forum for defense science and technology collaboration.
Recently the TTCP group, led by Team SPAWAR members, generated analytical data and conducted modeling and simulation to demonstrate that if the U.
We obtain the sender and receiver overhead times using TTCP by measuring the time to send messages between two AlphaServer 2100 5/250 workstations connected by a lightly loaded 10Mbps Ethernet.
By any measure, TTCP is a broad-based effort that tremendously facilitates science and technology cooperation among the five member nations.
TTCP enables technical collaboration on specific issues between defence organisations in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Acronyms used in Study 1 and Study 2 Calcium phosphate cement CPC Granulation tissue GT Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous DCPA Hydroxyapatite HA Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate DCPD Infiltrated cell IC Fluorapatite FA Implanted material IM Fibrous connective tissue FCT Tetracalcium phosphate TTCP Giant cell GC Undecalcified material UM
The much longer hardening time of 30 min found for the same CPC powdered mixture when distilled water was used as the cement liquid is also in agreement with previous findings for TTCP (tetracalcium phosphate) + DCPA cements that form HA as the product (22), (24), (31), (32).