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TUATTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
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Tuat said FastGo is seeking to raise US$50 million in its Series B round of funding.
(1) Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Department of Biological Production Science, Tokyo, Japan.
The union of this Ka double with the essence of Osiris took place only if it was found worthy in the judgment passed by the 42 Judges in the Hall of Osiris (these were known as Tchatcha-t Tuat).
"But it's a Catch 22 si tuat ion for me because if he does leave it may push me closer to a start."
Charlotte's last on-air giggling fit was about 10 years ago in a bulletin about a Papua New Guinea colonel called Jack Tuat.
I think of Columbus Fruge's voice dead in another Memphis, awakening in the Tuat, which I will here call Amenti, paralysed, blind, and deaf, helpless in the regions of "the great god who carrieth away souls, who eateth hearts, who feedeth upon offal, who dwelleth in the darkness," having only the one hour of night when the sun-boat traverses his part of Amenti in which to eat, and drink, find food, fight, and locate immortality, with the aid of so inadequate a guidebook as I can imagine the voice of Columbus Fruge to have been provided with, re-entering paralysis till a next time which always has almost no hope of happening, accordion barely a shadow of the massed forces of the second death.
In the southwest were the oases in Gourara, the Tuat and Tidikelt, inhabited by Arabs, Berbers, the enslaved descendants of the original inhabitants (Harratin), and large numbers of more recently enslaved Negroes from the south.
His mother forces Than and Loan to accept the child's mother, Tuat, as Than's concubine.
At the time, chief operating officer Selwyn Grimsley said: ``I think everyone is getting a little bit frustrated, but this is a very sensitive s i tuat i on .''
But Wong Chin Tuat, a Kuala Lumpur-based political analyst, said the main problem with the government's reaction to the global rise of oil prices lies more with people's attitudes than economic facts and figures.