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[b'.sub.p] = slope of a straight line between the outside and inside tube wall temperature (J*[kg.sup.-1]*[K.sup.-1])
Using thermal oil as heating medium can gain high temperature under low operating pressure and also obtain high tube wall temperature, so the supercooling degree was higher than using steam.
By using the temperature response factors, the mean tube wall temperature of a given Slinky ground heat exchanger at a given time is obtained.
From Equations 10 and 11, the average fluid temperature along the length of the tube can be calculated from previous time step inlet fluid temperature [T.sub.i] and tube wall temperature [].
The enhanced arc tube wall temperature with better chemical resistance widens the salt selections and applications for improved efficacy and color properties.
For this particular case the correlation of the tube wall temperature and heat transfer coefficient of saturated vapours is determined for different levels of dryness degree x.
However, data about the effect of the tube wall temperature on corrosion of the airpreheater tubes of oil shale CFB boilers are lacking.
Tube wall temperature is an important parameter in design and operation of steam reformers.
For a lower specified external tube wall temperature [[Theta].sub.we], the flow channel becomes narrower because of melt solidification, resulting in higher viscous dissipation heating.
Comparison of Tube Wall Temperature and Downward and Edge Heat Losses with ASHRAE's Calculation Procedure (SI Units) [T.sub.d'], [degrees]C Case d, [K.sub.ins]/ Present Model m [t.ins'] W/[m.sup.2].K Al 0 0.9 33.0 A2 0.3 0.9 32.8 A3 0.6 0.9 32.7 A4 0.9 0.9 32.7 A5 0 2.2 33.0 A6 0.3 2.2 32.8 A7 0.6 2.2 32.8 A8 0.9 2.2 32.8 q"de',W/[m.sup.2] Case ASHRAE Present Model ASHRAE Al 30.8 34.l6 52.27 A2 30.8 25.03 32.74 A3 30.8 2l.69 29.42 A4 30.8 l9.83 27.54 A5 30.8 34.53 54.46 A6 30.8 27.24 38.29 A7 30.8 25.06 36.96 A8 30.8 24.03 36.30 Table 4b.
As the flue gas speed is reduced, the rate of heat transfer from the gas to the tube is also reduced, and the tube wall temperature approaches the temperature of the air outside the tubes.
Sensitivity studies (2, 5) indicated that an increase in inlet temperature, tube wall temperature, and tube radius will lead to a decrease in average molecular weight and an increase in polydispersity; and thus to a poor quality product.