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TOAToken of Appreciation (marketing)
TOATransfer of Accountability (Health Standards Association; Canada)
TOATrials of Apollo (gaming)
TOATable of Acronyms
TOATransfer of Affection
TOATime Of Arrival
TOATransfer of Authority
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TOATubo-Ovarian Abscess
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TOATotal Obligation(al) Authority
TOATornado Watch (Emergency Alert System Code)
TOATable of Allowance
TOATradeoff Analysis
TOAType of Address (telecom/computing)
TOATime-Off Award
TOATexas Orthopaedic Association
TOATaxi Owners Association (UK)
TOATask Order Agreement (contracting)
TOATrace Organic Analysis
TOAThreshold of Audibility
TOATeacher on Assignment
TOATemple of Ages (gaming, Guild Wars)
TOATeam Outdoor Addicts
TOATransporte Oruga Acorazado (Spanish: Armored Personnel Carrier)
TOATransportation Operating Agency
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TOATransocean Airlines (1946-1960)
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TOATorrance, California Municipal Airport (Zamperini Field; airport code)
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TOATangent of Angle X = Opposite Side Length / Adjacent Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
TOATerra Ocean Atmosphere
TOATarifordnung für Angestellte des Öffentlichen Dienstes (public service salary scheme, since 1961 BAT)
TOATask Order Analysis
TOAToyota of America (automobile retailer)
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On the basis of clinical history and further workup a pre-operative diagnosis of a probable right sided tubo-ovarian abscess was made.
Acute appendicitis, tubo-ovarian abscess, or endometritis was included into the differential diagnosis.
In addition, the girls who needed hospitalization after January 1998 were 24% less likely to have a tubo-ovarian abscess compared with the girls with delayed hospitalization before 1998.
An association does exist between the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices, pelvic inflammatory disease, and unilateral or bilateral tubo-ovarian abscess, one of the most serious complications of pelvic inflammatory disease.[32-36] Associated microorganisms include Actinomyces,[35] Staphylococcus aureus,[32,33,36] Streptococcus (Enterococcus) faecalis,[32] E coli[33,36] viridans streptococci, B fragilis, Torulopsis (Candida) glabrata, and group B streptococci.[36] It is thought that the colonization of the IUD in the endometrial cavity is followed by the shedding of bacteria through the lumen of the fallopian tube.
Additional criteria--Children's Hospital recommends the presence of one of the following: * oral temperature >38.3[degrees] C * abnormal cervical or vaginal discharge * elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate * elevated c-reactive protein * lab documentation of cervical infection with Neisseria Gonorrhea or Chlamydia Trachornatis * histopathologic evidence of endometritis on endometrial biopsy * tubo-ovarian abscess on sonography or other radiological tests * laparoscopic abnormalities consistent with PID 3.
At surgery a right tubo-ovarian abscess was found and a normal appendix removed.
Erlich et al., "Differentiation between right tubo-ovarian abscess and appendicitis using CT--A diagnostic challenge," Clinical Radiology, vol.
(4) Differential diagnoses to be considered include: pyometra, tubo-ovarian abscess, red degeneration of leiomyoma, or septic abortion.