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TVATennessee Valley Authority
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TVATorfaen Voluntary Alliance (UK)
TVATaxa pe Valoare Adaugata (Romanian: Tax on Added Value)
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TVATransverse Abdominis (abdominal muscle)
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TVATubulovillous Adenoma
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TVATelevision Addiction
TVAThrust Vector Actuator (missiles)
TVATime Variant Amplitude
TVATelefon-Vermittlungs-Anlage (German:telephony exchange)
TVATasa al Valor Agregado (Spanish)
TVATarget Value Assessment
TVAThrust Vector Alignment (US NASA)
TVATemporary Variance Authorization
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Tubular adenoma (A) and tubulovillous adenoma (B) composed of neoplastic epithelium with crowded columnar cells demonstrating hyperchromatic and pseudostratified nuclei without loss of nuclear polarity.
n % Histological type Tubular adenoma 2085 59.7 Hyperplastic polyp 1089 31.2 Tubulovillous adenoma 217 6.2 Adenocarcinoma 46 1.3 Sessile serrated adenoma 22 0.6 Traditional serrated adenoma 21 0.6 Villous adenoma 14 0.4 Total 3494 100 Serrated lesions Hyperplastic polyp 1089 96.2 Sessile serrated adenoma 22 1.94 Traditional serrated adenoma 21 1.86 Total 1132 100 Table 2: Descriptive analysis of serrated lesions.
Plantier, "Multiple tubulovillous adenomas of the vulva," American Journal of Dermatopathology, vol.
All patients who underwent a complete colonoscopy for the first time, for any indication (including average risk screening, family history of colon cancer or polyps, changes in bowel habits, abdominal pain, weight loss, positive fecal occult blood test, chronic diarrhea, anemia, rectal bleeding, melena with negative EGD, and abnormal imaging study) as documented in the CPRS medical record that were found with a pathologic diagnosis of hyperplastic polyp, tubular adenoma, tubulovillous adenoma, villous adenoma and colon adenocarcinoma from January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005 were included.
Classification of Colonic Polyps Nonneoplastic Neoplastic Mucosal polyps Tubular adenoma Hyperplastic polyps Villous adenoma Juvenile polyps Tubulovillous adenoma Peutz-Jeghers polyps Inflammatory polyps Nonneoplastic Polyps
of Cases Inflammatory Bowel Disease 5 Polyps Tubular adenoma 7 Villous adenoma 4 Tubulovillous adenoma 6 Multiple polyps (FAP) 1 Peutz-Jegher polyp 1 Retention polyp 1 Table III: Distribution of MIB-1 in Various Stages Stage MIB-1 Total <=40 >40 I 2 0 2 II 9 6 15 III -- -- -- IV 1 1 Comparison of Stage distribution in various studies including present one Fisher O'Connell Salminen Stage et al.
There was also 1 tubulovillous adenoma measuring 3 cm, 1 hyperplastic polyp measuring 1.3 cm, and 1 probable leiomyoma measuring 4.4 cm.
Colonic adenomas included sessile serrated adenoma, villous adenoma, tubulovillous adenoma, and tubular adenomas.
Histology confirmed that the lesion causing the intussusception was a tubulovillous adenoma with no features suggestive of malignancy.
Tests for several independent samples were used to explore the association between different categories of colorectal polyps groups and sex, hypertension, hyperplastic polyp, tubular adenoma, and tubulovillous adenoma. The one-way ANOVA was used for others appropriate factors between different categories of colorectal polyps.
Abbreviations: APCm, mutated APC gene; BRAFm, mutated BRAF gene; BRAFwt, BRAF wild type; CIMP, CpG island methylator phenotype; CIMPH, CIMP high; CIMPL, CIMP low; CIMP-, CIMP negative; CIN, chromosomal instability; DNMT3, DNA methyltransferase-3; [IGFBP.sup.CG], IGFBP methylation; KRASm, mutated KRAS gene; [MGMT.sup.CG], MGMT methylation; [MLH1.sup.CG], MLH1 methylation; MSIH, microsatellite unstable; MSS, microsatellite stable; MVHP, microvesicular hyperplastic polyp; [P16.sup.CG], P16 methylation; SSA/P, sessile serrated adenoma/polyp; TA, tubular adenoma; TSA, traditional serrated adenoma; TVA, tubulovillous adenoma.
All specimens except 2 (1 with peritoneal seeding from a small-bowel adenocarcinoma and 1 with a large tubulovillous adenoma of the colon) were rendered a diagnosis of primary or metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma.